oK SO i got a spell casted for me for CHARM…this was on THURSDAY.
The witch(nice witch) said that she will cast it after 24hrs.
Last night i had a dream that i was in high school(The last place i really had charm and was like by everyone) and i was making everyone laugh and everyone like me a lot! I was charming them to hell!
SO…Does this dream mean that the spell is in work or is it just a dream?


  1. Better luck next time sleepyhead. By the way, dreaming the days away about how good things were and should be now will lead to disappointment and lack of real achievement.

  2. It probably worked as well as it will. Really it ought to be you calling upon the charm you know is there. Magic can put you in the right frame of mind, but you need to do the actions yourself.

  3. do you know for certain she was a real witch? usually you need some sort of amulet or bracelet, something that you would wear to cast a charm or spell.
    the dream is just beause your thinking about it too much. charisma comes naturally.

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