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Question for Christians vs. Agnostics vs. Atheists?

I do believe in a peaceful, loving, and generally jovial God but… most christians are hypocrtical as are agnostics and atheists… Most people just badger the hell out of each other…
My question is for everyone, wouldn’t you like to think that there are mysteries you will never know the answer to that don’t involve so called “science”. Sure some people may find simple pleasure in just ‘being’ and enjoying life… Others, typically christians, are waiting for an afterlife and are busy down here generally trying to please god…
But seriously for everyone, what kind of enjoyment can you have if all that exists is what you can see or touch? I’m not talking about god in particular, but what about coincidences or fate. Did Rasputin really find a scientific method to avoid from dying when he drank a bottle of wine lace with arsenic? Or was it something else… shamanism, magic, god, the devil, or something in between.


  1. Actually I do NOT need to believe that there are unknowable mysteries in order to find wonder, amazement and joy in this fascinating world. More than that however, REGARDLESS of whether or not I would “like” to think that the supernatural exists, I just can’t, and I don’t.

  2. Just being alive and able to think is magic enough. I find learning new things really enjoyable. The world has a wonderful and perfect logic about it.

  3. Wow… I *almost* a question I personally could answer… too bad it’s not directed to me, though.
    As for your view on a God, I like that view. Sounds almost like Jupiter… Hence jovial, I suppose. And you’re right, they do badger the hell out of each other. It doesn’t matter what God is up there, he must be really frustrated he can’t clear this mess up once and for all… as for myself, I couldn’t be bothered really – I believe in what I believe and that’s enough for me 🙂

  4. Rasputin is dead. Deal with it.
    Enjoy what you see, I don’t see a problem with that. What does fate and coincidences have to do with enjoying life anyway?

  5. “what kind of enjoyment can you have if all that exists is what you can see or touch?” Hmm, so its more fun if I make believe? I don’t need magic to enjoy life. I’m sorry for you if you do.

  6. fate would disprove free will. “coincidences” happen because when everything is so random there is bound to be a “coincidence” happening at some point, otherwise there would be no randomness.

  7. Actually, I enjoy a magic trick more when I know how it’s done. I prefer knowing to ignorance. Understanding things feeds my brain, and makes me want more.

  8. Generally as an Agnostic I just keep looking for My Purpose in life. So far Santa Clause is not real and I have seen no evidence of the Tooth Fairy either. So, I just focus on my purpose. When I see a pencil on the table it does not take faith to know that the pencil is there. But, in order to believe in a god or something that is not there it would require doubt to establish faith in something that is not there. The pencil is fact and does not require faith. Weird huh? I can not see a God so I can not have faith in something that I can not see or touch.

  9. About Rasputin I’m not sure-(interesting fellow tho), but I think human beings have a need to feed their Spirit/Soul as much as their bodies. A positive Faith and belief in a higher power is my “spiritual food.” This is what makes me a “complete” human being. Everybody believes in something!

  10. I don’t believe in any of that stuff by the way arsenic doesn’t always kill sometimes it can just make someone very ill I watch these shows all the time where a guy was being killed by arsenic and didn’t die until the final does when the autopsy was preformed he had enough arsenic in his system to kill an elephant. I believe there is an explanation for everything. I don’t put people down who believe in fate and karma and things like that they are nice to think about but to me they aren’t real.

  11. 10 out of 10 die. That is a problem. We are all on death roll. Waiting to die. Where are we going when we die.
    First you can know that God is real. Just look at D.N.A. If my son look just like me how did that happen? I did not write his D.N.A. How did that information get there. God
    Second, You can know where you are going after you die. Look at the Ten Commandments. Have you keep every one them till now. No! You need to seek God, ( turn from your sin, ask for forgiveness, ask God’s Savor Son into your heart.) Trust in Jesus to save you from the danger to come.
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  12. First off, we’re all agnostics in the strict sense of the word – none of us “know” anything. But I call myself an “atheist” because, even though I cannot “know” that God does not exist, I wouldn’t even have to consider the question were it not for theism. There’s no theoretical limit to the number of concepts I could invent, and then ponder whether or not they objectively exist in “reality.” Is there a teapot orbiting Pluto? Is there a Flying Spaghetti Monster? Is there a “Christ” as posited by Christians? The answer is that I cannot be sure about any of these things; but I can provisionally judge the likelihood of any given possibility based on the degree to which it fits in with the sum total of my impressions of the universe.
    I reject Christianity because the combined evidence of history, science, and common sense suggests that Christianity is based on falsehood. But I haven’t set up science in its place as the end-all-be-all of existence. No real scientist would argue that science is capable of revealing absolute Truth, anyway – quite the contrary. Modern science-philosophy doesn’t even aim at “truth” – it aims at convenience. ALL of our “truths” are only true relative to our status as human beings; so simple an idea as “hot” is a convention determined by the structure of the human nervous system, which is in turn dependent on an infinite number of other factors.
    I suppose what I’m saying is that yes, I agree that some things are necessarily beyond the scope of science, because science is just a human means of governing our interactions with the mysterious “reality” in such a way as appears to be to our particular benefit. This was, incidentally, the original function of religion – a “God” was a personified force of nature that the savages petitioned by various means so that it would regulate itself to their convenience.

  13. Thanks for the reference to Rasputin.
    When I was in chem class in 11th grade, my chem teacher had a bottle of urea. He dipped a finger into the bottle, licked the finger, then passed the bottle around the room, telling us to do the same as him.
    Dutifully, we dipped and licked… and made a face, ’cause
    a) the idea of licking up something that’s made from urine … ughhh.
    b) it tasted terrible
    Only after we’d all been through that, did the teacher show us that he’d dipped his index finger, and licked his middle finger.

  14. Why can’t they involve science?
    After all, there’s a LOT we don’t know.
    And, of course, we don’t know the future — how will things be in 100 years?
    No one can possibly know that.
    Why is it I can’t have any enjoyment without believing in false things and nonesense?
    I enjoy ideas — including learning science.
    Why is that an inferior enjoyment to what people who believe insane things?
    There are things besides “just being” — such as trying to make this world a little less sucky.
    Well, you can enjoy them if that rings your chimes.
    If you think they have any meaning, you’ve leaving sanity behind.
    Using my mind to comprehend difficult things, advocating things I deeply believe in — why disparage my favorite forms of enjoyment?
    Just because they don’t involve believing false and nonsensical things?
    This makes no sense to me.
    The real world is so much more interesting than fantasy — it has plenty of mysteries to it that are much more gripping than the “mysteries” people make up, such as magic and other woo woo.
    There’s no value in the false or unreasonable.
    There’s nothing wrong with accuracy and sanity.


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