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question for christians and wiccans?

when i got saved a little while ago and became a born again christian i was reading my bible one day outside and all of the sudden i got really tired and went inside to lay down and i fell alseep on my couch and when i woke up i couldnt move and i know scientist call it sleep paralysis but i remember seeing a dark figure sitting in my chair and we were talking but it was like a different language and its happened a few times aftyer that but it hasnt happened in months, and one time i was at my grandmothers house and i had sleep paralysis and i remember hearing a little girl calling my name or somethin and it freaked me out can someone give me answers?


  1. Hey Sean, it would be good to pause for breath once in awhile — you’ve given a whole new meaning to the term “run-on-sentence” !

  2. answer: Why would Wiccans have an answer to this? Or any pagan? You were suffering from sleep paralysis. You saw a dark figure instead of an alien Gray or Green. There’s nothing sinister or magical about it.
    You might want to educate yourself as to what Wicca and the pagan religions REALLY are – there’s nothing Satanic or evil about them.

  3. It’s Sleep Paralysis I use to have them and they freaked me out when your body wakes up you can move again it is nothing to be scared of as it won’t hurt you… just stay calm when it happens

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