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A couple of weeks ago, I had was lucid dreaming in the hypnopompic state and began getting the vibrations and floaty feelings, at this time I had no idea what was happening to me, panicked and woke up with sleep paralysis. It happened twice. I now learned I was projecting with out knowing or trying. Now i’ve been trying to astral project willingly, doing exercises, but I haven’t gotten a thing since. So my question is how is it that before even knowing how AP worked I was able to do it, and now that I do know and try to do it I can’t get anything?


  1. That is a result of you reentering your body. Before you astral project next time ask The Allfather, Great Mother Goddess and the Universal Powers to make your transistions smooths ones.

  2. Purposeful astral projection is something that isn’t easy to do.
    Here is a link for a series of articles that are among the best and most accurate of any that I have seen online. I’d read through them. It’s the ones written by Robert Bruce. I don’t agree with everything written in them, but they’re going to do a better job answering your question than I can do here.

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