Question for anyone that practices Magick… the darker form…?

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I have several aunts that have practice magick for as long as I can remember. I have a great aunt that practices a darker form of magick. My grandmother (her sister) told me that my aunt has many do-dads around her house and that she has several Boddas but she is not a boddice (how ever you spell it). She said that there is one in a bed room that her mother use to stay in. My great aunt will leave money at the bodda. She told my grandma not to ever touch it or she will die. She said two different girlfriends of my aunt’s son have die shortly after touching it. Now my question is…
How or why does she use this item that represence another religoin’s God? Why does she leave money for it? and how the heck does it cause those who touch it to die? I haven’t seen or talked to my great aunt since I was knee high to her and I don’t want to question my grandma about her ways either. I don’t want to talk to or visit my great aunt because I’ve heard to many scary things that revolved around her
PB.. it’s buddah… sorry I’m not the best speller… And she isn’t a buddihst, she does evil things, she’ll tell you that she’s a witch. She has put curses on many people, I’ve seen the effects of some of them. She a very bad person and most of our family will not have anything to do with her. My aunt (her niece) made her made once and she told her she would get her for it. That night my aunt woke up to an evil, unseen force shoving her out of the bed. She prayed for God’s to seen angles to help her and at the foot of her bed 3 angles appeared. And the evil thing was gone.

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Few people share the exact same form of spiritual belief, even if they claim to. People tend to invent their own variations and then you occasionally end up with very diverse belief systems like that of your grandmother.
Please, before believing any adult’s claim about God or the spiritual world do your own research and reflecting and discuss the issue with other people outside of your family who have grown up with other belief systems.
Remember that your family doesn’t necessarily have the correct beliefs, just because it happens to be your family. And to most of the rest of the world that idea about buddah idols killing people sounds, quite frankly, difficult to believe.
Try to learn as many “facts” about the world you live in (science for example) before making judgements. Because adults can make a guillable child/teenager/young person believe anything and that is unfortunate for you and many other people in the world

Lola Star

My grandmother is pretty superstitious. She doesn’t practice magic but she does have a couple of Buddhas in her house and she leaves money on them. She says if you give them money they’ll bring you money.
The whole “you’ll die if you touch it” thing is new to me.


First of all, your aunt is a buddihst which has nothing to do with magick, money and other gifts are often left at the statue of Buddha because of revrence and gratitude. And magick has no traditional lighter or darker form, magick is netural to what we may call good and evil, it depends on the way one uses or practices amgick, so there is nothing to be afraid of.


I’d love to help, but I have no clue what a bodda is. I’ve never heard or seen of one in any magickal studies I’ve done. Maybe if you could give more detail I might be able to help.


Sorry honey, but if she is doing harm or evil things, she isn’t truly a witch. The first rule of Wicca, is harm none, do what thou will. This means you can do what you want, but don’t hurt anyone in the process. As for the death’s, she probably says this to scare people. A item doesn’t have the power to take life. Budda isn’t a God. You don’t have to anything to her, around her, or be near her. As a matter of fact, anyone who deals in this kind of magick is heading for alot of bad things with their life. Three fold law. Anything you put out, good or bad, comes back three times. Another Wiccan rule. She probably has some false information about that particular statue.

Sumar N

your aunt worships buddha. buddha is enlightenment. buddha is balance in all things. balance of good and evil, balance of death and life, balance of mind and body. gifts are given to buddha to symbolically seperate us of material world and to help us on the way to enlightnment. a person of power may use that power as they wish. they are restrained only by themselves. your great aunt places trust into enlightenment to help her control her urges. her willpower is wasting, talk to her immediately after she has finished her prayer, ask her words before you take the words of others as truth. truth is elusive to all who seek it. be aware, be ready to defend yourselfif you have to, speaking to her will be hard.
she may not be what you call witch. witches are not what you might think of as a witch. wicca is a religion centered on elemental power and freedom, but too much freedom is fatal. buddhism is a religion centered on the human mind and restraint, the opposite of wicca. it is interesting and unpredictable that the two met like this. there are no coincidences, but it would be wrong to assume that death is in any way connected to this strange marriage of wicca and buddha. perhaps your aunts son is a killer, perhaps the girls were destined to take the leap. one thing you cannot assume is understanding, you must contact your great aunt.


It is possible she was a lama (a Buddhist monk) in a past life, hence she uses a Buddha-figure as a focus. I have met people like this before, and I believe I am one of these myself. Generally people who are heavily into magick had past lives as magickians; you G.A. sounds like one of these. She sounds like a good person to stay AWAY from; you are wise to do so. This sort of thing (black magick) is heavily karmic, and it all catches up with you eventually.


Many people who are not buddihst use the budda in their beliefs. There was a lady who was evil like that lived in my grandma’s house before my grandma bought it and alot of evil things stayed around the house. My grandfather would say that an evil woman would appear at the foot of his bed and call him. He said that she would bother him and not let him sleep. There are evil people in the world who have chosen to do harm – stay away from her!

Green Lantern

How can you see what you do not know
We know not what we been given until its studied and we have not finished yet so we have alot of work to do so keep right so we get to where we are needed to go inshAllah


A similar thing is busy happening to me now, its always been there and I did not know how to deal with it. I have people who doesn’t like me at work. They sent these things into my life, but God has proved to be stronger. Evil people like your aunt call up demons and sent them to people they need to harm to scare and even harm them. But God proof to be stronger than these things, I have witnessed. Even when they walk next to you in your life, when you belief in God He will guide and protect you against evil people. Al you need to do is call His Name.Just think how wonderful it is to have God protect you and angels guarding you through life. I belief all evil, bad things are a blessing in disguise. A call for help and guidance.
Love and peace.


All Gods have influence. Magic is simply technology not fully
understood. If it works do the math model later. Gifts are the
tokens of value. Respect is earned and not purchased. Just
don’t assume your best interests are served. All exchanges are unequal. That unearthy quality is evident. One drop of any nerve venom is quite sufficient protection if lethal or non-lethal is desired. See item #, …………
3T961, 4DA86, 3AC98, 5T454, 4T265, 1D839, 5WG74, 1FEY6, 3GY63, 5ZV94, 5ZV84, 4DA88, 4LP41, & 1JVT8.
Until you know better all above will best assist reader(s).


The true power of witchcraft comes through the use of demonic forces. Demons can become attached to any item used in witchcraft or any false religion. If you want confirmation of this read ‘From Witchcraft to Christ ‘ by Doreen Irvine.


Witchcraft is a spiritual system that fosters the free thought and will of the individual, encourages learning and an understanding of the earth and nature thereby affirming the divinity in all living things. Most importantly however, it teaches responsibility. We accept responsibility for our actions and deeds as clearly a result of the choices we make. We do not blame an exterior entity or being for our shortcomings, weaknesses or mistakes. If we mess up or do something that brings harm to another, we have no one but ourselves to blame and we must face the consequences resulting from those actions. No ifs, ands or buts and no whining…
We acknowledge the cycles of nature, the lunar phases and the seasons to celebrate our spirituality and to worship the divine. It is a belief system that allows the Witch to work with, not in supplication to deities with the intent of living in harmony and achieving balance with all things.
The spells that we do involve healing, love, harmony, wisdom and creativity. The potions that we stir might be a headache remedy, a cold tonic, or an herbal flea bath for our pets. We strive to gain knowledge of and use the natural remedies placed on this earth by the divine for our benefit instead of using synthetic drugs unless absolutely necessary.
Wiccan believe that the spirit of the One, Goddess and God exist in all things. In the trees, rain, flowers, the sea, in each other and all of natures creatures. This means that we must treat “all things” of the Earth as aspects of the divine. We attempt to honor and respect life in all its many manifestations both seen and unseen.
Wiccan learn from and revere the gift of nature from divine creation by celebrating the cycles of the sun, moon and seasons. We search within ourselves for the cycles that correspond to those of the natural world and try to live in harmony with the movement of this universal energy. Our teachers are the trees, rivers, lakes, meadows, mountains and animals as well as others who have walked this path before us. This belief creates a reverence and respect for the environment, and all life upon the Earth.
We also revere the spirits of the elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water which combine to manifest all creation. From these four elements we obtain insight to the rhythms of nature and understand they are also the rhythms of our own lives.
Because Witches have been persecuted for so many centuries, we believe in religious freedom first! We do not look at our path as the only way to achieve spirituality, but as one path among many to the same end. We are not a missionary religion out to convert new members to think the same as we do. We are willing to share our experience and knowledge with those who seek our wisdom and perspective however. We believe that anyone who is meant for this path will find it through their own search as the Goddess speaks to each of us in her time and way. Wiccan practice tolerance and acceptance toward all other religions as long as those faiths do not persecute others or violate the tenant of “Harm None.”


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