Question about wiccan religion and me?

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Ok, I’ve always been a little interested in white witchcraft and magic, metaphysics, and psychic stuff, but I’m afraid to be open about studying this stuff because of the scrutiny I would receive from boyfriend, family and friends. I am 35 years old, so I’ve been around the block with different religions, God and the bible, but I haven’t really gotten much satisfaction and answers I’m seeking about myself as I have with the stuff I want to study but am afraid to. I have had alot of unexplained negative things happen to me in the past, and I believe it’s because of my lack of knowledge in witchcraft, metaphysics, psychic power and magic.
I believe I really had been under a huge psychic attack after 3 of my grandparents died in a year and it really affected my true destiny in a really bad way. So I feel I would receive more answers in the stuff I want to study,
but how can I safely study this stuff without getting shamed by family and friends about it?

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I used to think kind of like you do until one day i said to myself “This is bullshit.” Then after all my worries have stopped. I now consider myself a bit of a skeptic. I need hard evidence to guide my believes. I sleep better at night.


Treat it as an academic study, that you want to understand in some abstract, philosophical or sociological way. And not just because your family will be critical, but because that is the appropriate approach.
I called myself a witch for over 20 years. But after I’d been on Yahoo! Answers for awhile, I realized that there were people who took it a lot more seriously than I did. I used the gods and goddesses (and the figures in the Tarot, which was my primary symbol system) as metaphors and myths, useful to explain something which is real, but not real in themselves. So I realized that the only honest label for me was atheist.
Talk about interesting coincidences (which is all your three grandparents’ death was, after all; that and they were probably pretty old), Yahoo! Answers was “born” on the day My Steve committed suicide. He had long speculated that ghosts could have enough substance to move electrons, if not anything larger. And that’s all it takes to run a computer, after all.
I don’t “believe” he is the spirit of Yahoo! Answers. But it makes for an interesting metaphor.


It sounds like you have a lot of fear to let go of before you can embrace your quest for knowledge. Have courage…choose your own destiny.


My friend, if you have to do it, you have to do it. If the opinions of your family and friends matter that much to you, then don’t do it! You can’t have both, but you could sneak a little research into it, oh, say, when you’re ALL BY YOURSELF in front of a computer. Or all by yourself checking out a charm store. Or, perhaps, all by yourself at a public library. How will people know what you’re doing when you are all by yourself??? I hope you get it now…
Auntie Kookoo


Merry Meet Little Bird,
Study without practice really is not a whole lot. Yes you will have base knowledge from many resources, but without practical application of knowledge learned or fellowship with like minded people you would soon drift into another path and another path after that.
Without fully experiencing the Craft through practical application and/or through fellowship you would inevitably part ways. This is simply the facts. Personal experience is the best and fellowship in a learning environment is better, but in your case I would take it one step at a time. But please understand that being a closed Wiccan would really leave you superficial and empty, craving more each day but without a means to satisfy that craving. I guess that the real question is, are you going to make significant choices to follow your path in the Craft, or are you going to stay right where you are and possibly stagnate. The only one that can decide that is really only you.
Wish you luck.
Blessed Be


You can study on your own and not let anyone know about it. That is what I did. I did a lot with candles, and most people thought is was aroma therapy (I didn’t dissuade them). I also studied Feng Shui, and applied that to my home, but gradually, I came around to neo paganism.


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