question about vamps and magick?






ok why do so many pll belive in magick but not vampires


  1. MAGIC**
    Because some magic has been proven such as black magic. No one has acttualy really seen a vampire they are mere made up mythical creatures.

  2. Magic is more deeply integrated into society.
    For example, many religions contain magic.
    However, vampires are becoming a part of pop culture. Everyone identifies vampires with fiction.

  3. everyone believe in miracles and hence magic, but they are all different types of magic, but vampires are a specific type of mythical creature and since the whole world isnt clones of each other they all believe in different mythical creatures. lol hope it helps

  4. Much like God, angels, or demons, magic requires only personal belief as it claims no physical manifestation integral to believing in it. Magic, as claimed by many “practitioners”, is usually coincidental, and requires no hard scientific “proof” – as it could be argued that the “spell effect” would have happened anyway – the “spellcaster” simply took advantage of the situation, timed his “spell” and then took credit for a natural occurence – much the same way eclipses were used to incredible effect by priests, shamans, and such to awe their people.
    Vampires, on the other hand, would be a creature that impacts an ecology – like a stone thrown into a pond, you might not see the rock, but you can see the ripples it produced. Evidence of their existence would be found in their victims, in the exponential spreading of their “species”, by the bloodwork done in the hospital should one become pregnant, and by the inevitable discovery of one during post-mortem autopsy after an accident, such as a car wreck with decapitation, a sadly all too often occurence. There are no ripples, and no vampires.

  5. Since there are actual large belief groups(Wicca) that integrate magick within their teachings, people find it easier to believe. Things that are seen and known for fact are more believable to people who don’t see to believe it.(via vampires)
    Vampire facts have also been morphed and seen differently throughout the years from different cultures, media, books, and movies/t.v. shows. Since the teachings of magick(Wicca) have stayed within its own boundaries, without drastic changes of things, people believe in it more.
    Since there are so many variations of vampires across the globe and just within your own country, people find it hard to believe which is truth or fact.(sorry for all the ‘since’ words)

  6. Vamps are just made up stories, but there are people who really drink blood in which its gross and down right wrong.
    Magick on other hand is real, voodoo,Black magick and White magick. while others say that theres NO black and white magick…it’s colored gray.
    us Wicca’s and Pagan believe in magick so we do at times do spells, this religion isn’t for just any one.
    blessed be and happy holidays!

  7. Well I think its because people refuse to believe in anything extraordinary or because they are quite skeptic of anything to do with the supernatural or paranormal. Yes there are mortals who lack energy thus needing to take it from blood(sang vampyres) or nature(psi vampyres) but almost everyone thinks vampyres are the supernatural mythological creature who turns into ash when they venture out into the sunlight or die when a stake is thrust into their heart but that type is the hollywood version…not many realize that there are mortals who lack energy so they need to ‘feed’ off of others…these are the mortals who have vampiric characteristics.
    But there is magick practiced along such groups(or coverns). This has been happening for centuries.There are different types of magick depending on which you prefer. There is Wicca. There is Pagan & there is witchcraft so it depends on which path you wish to follow. As with vampyres there are skeptics of magick(because they have seen to many magic shows with illusionists)
    So in conclusion it all comes down to whether the person is a skeptic or whether they have an openmind or not(I say about 50-60% of people aren’t openminded which is such a damn shame. Not everything is as what it may seem)

  8. well magick has been proven (a bit) but vampires havent had the slightest proof
    i believe that some yoga practisioners are doing magick as they have dried clothes (socking wet cloths) while they are wearing them (this has been observed by scientists. oh yeah and they have suposedly left their boddies and enterd them aggain

  9. Magic and vampires are real.
    I guess people just believe magic is real because I guess it’s easier to believe in magic than people who drink blood? I dunno.
    If people believe in God and Angels then why do people not believe in vampires?
    You have to keep an open mind in life.

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