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Question about the "third eye"?

I just have a simple curiosity. I am not chalking anything up to be “spiritual” I simply have a query about something I have had my entire life. My whole life whenever I put an object such as my finger, a pencil or pen, or simply the thought of something hovering between my eyes at the bridge of my nose I guess this strong tingling, localized pressure feeling in that area, where the third eye is stereotypically located. Again I have never experienced any psychic abilities or seen any ghosts or any experiences of that nature. Point being though I thought this was normal for people to feel such a thing like the body simply reacting to something being close to itself, especially close enough to pierce that area. That was until I learned about chakras and the third eye and such phenomenon of that nature. It was at that point that I began asking people if they experience such a thing, at that point many of my friends would point their finger in that area to no avail and not experience any sensation telling me they never have. It was at this point I realized that this sensation I have always felt was not exactly commonplace. At times i had even used this sensation to rid myself of headaches the tingling sensation would spread my entire “crown” chakra area and seemingly alleviate my headache although to be honest that could have been placebo effect. But to get to the point of my question what does this mean does anyone else experience this sensation? Is there a perfectly medically relevant explanation for this or am I to believe that I have dormant psychic capabilities (believe me I know the latter sounds kind of silly especially since i have never experienced anything of the nature) please any insight would be appreciated.
Paul: yes i get the sensation whether or not I am aware the object is there or not…


  1. I would like to test this. Could you, for example, tell when a friend was holding something over this “psychic sweet spot” as you lay back blindfolded?
    I know that’s not entirely scientific and is probably riddled with methodological flaws, because I’ve thought all of two seconds about it, but it might be a good preliminary test.

  2. Some schools of thought claim that the third eye is located in the same place as the brow chakra (on the forehead), some say that it’s between the eyes and that the brow chakra is a different thing entirely. I recommend reading “The Opening of the Third Eye” by Douglas Baker.


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