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question about the subconscious mind?

It seems that when i leave almost every task to my subconscious mind I excel but once I think about something too much I slip up. Does anyone relate to this and how could I stop ‘worrying’ about things so much and kinda run on auto pilot
serious answers please i understand this may take an amount of intelligence to comprehend as I believe less intelligent people do this without questioning it, maybe im wrong but Im looking for serious answers none the less.


  1. Interestingly enough, I believe this speaks to trusting one’s self. I, too, run on auto pilot, but I do not worry! And this is why: (1) I understand that worrying doesn’t do me a bit of good, and as soon as I start worrying about something (rarely), I ask myself – how do I benefit from this behavior? Generally, I must admit, when I worry, there is reason to be concerned – I can see the writing on the wall, I can see disaster in my headlights, etc. sort of thing. So what I do is think of the solutions to these possible occurrences, which may or may not be evidenced in my near future, but I am prepared should they occur. Then I need worry no longer as I have nipped the problem in the bud before it has even sprouted. The fact is – often times, there is nothing that anybody can do as to what is going to happen next. This is the truth. See what happens in your day, and see how much control you truly have over any given situation. Often there is nothing in your control, therefore, why worry over something you have no control over. I know this from the bottom of my soul, or I must – because it is second nature to me.
    If you can integrate some of this thinking into your psyche – I think you will benefit greatly. I do not know about intelligence and comprehension aspects. I understand well enough and perhaps you may be correct in your speculation, although I hope you don’t mind that I do not participate on this.


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