Home Discussion Forum Question about the practical application of Magick?

Question about the practical application of Magick?

Is the One Ring in Lord of the Rings similar to a horcrux in the Harry Potter series?


  1. If I were doing an PhD dissertation in literature, I’d steal that idea. Unfortunately, I picked physics. So you’ll just have to go get your own PhD.

  2. God I hope my friends don’t learn I answered this.
    According to my b/f the fact that the Ring was what kept Sauron ‘alive’ as the eye. When they destroyed the Ring, they destroyed Sauron. Much like in HP if you destroyed all the Horcrux you destroy Voldemort. Both the Ring and Horcrux could influence people to it’s will.
    But you also have to take into consideration is the Ring had other powers as well. It could make you invisible, and if you had it you could (potentially) enslave all of Middle Earth, if you are Sauron. With Horcruxs, they had the unique ability to keep a part of yourself “alive” in one or more objects.
    My boyfriend objects that Voldemort just did it more (split his soul, whatever you want to call it) than Sauron, doesn’t mean Sauron couldn’t have done that also.
    Now we’re gonna go fight.

  3. Magic is about applying your Will. Any objects, chants, ritual and so on are remedies for better focusing. So if you want to be a magician, you have to grow your will-power.


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