Question about the pineal gland?

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Okay, apparently monks and many spiritual people believe the pineal gland is the “seat of the soul”and our “communication link” with the universe.
So my question is, what would happen if it were surgically removed from a person’s brain? Would that be instant death, or would the person simply not have a soul anymore?

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They’d still have a soul, but a certain part of that soul could not communicate with their body in a vital way.


ask the monks.

Kyle S

they would probably die


The problem is, monks and spiritual people presume this, whereas actual scientists laugh them off as being uneducated morons.

Sirensong sunshine

Source please?
Judging by its function, if it were possible to remove it your body clock would become seriously out of whack.

Jeff- <3 God <3 people

GREAT QUESTION! I would love to see brain surgery someday where they swap one person’s brain with another. I am not sure that the soul resides in any specific organ.
Monks have theory, no proof to back this up.


without melatonin from the pineal gland, sleep would be a big problem and you’d go wacko.
I’m pretty sure that the monks didn’t understand what the pineal gland actually did, so they just made this stuff up.


I think they would merely lose their sense of smell, and as a consequence, most of their sense of taste. If memory serves that was one of the main effects of Scarlet Fever.

Sherri Berri

Why not remove yours and find out?

Thomas M

I would, in the first instance, address your question to the Science and Math forum!
Leave out the “soul” crap though or us rational scientists may not deign to answer your question!


Interesting. When I was in college, approx. 22 years ago, the function of the pineal body was unknown. At any rate, You can’t really remove it because of it’s location, it’s deep in the center of the brain as I remember. It would be very risky, if it’s even possible.Don’t think there would be many survivors.

Searcher 3.0

I think they have something with the pineal gland…more research should be done.


Once you get away from magic thinking, you realize that the pineal gland has nothing to do with the “seat of the soul”. It is en endocrine gland that produces melatonin dear.
The idea that it could be the “seat of the soul” came from the fact that crude observation lead to the belief (wrong if you have a microscope) that this is the only organ that is unique, not made of two parts. Since the soul was also unique , according to bronze age middle eastern goat herders fairy tales, the pineal gland was the only acceptable receptacle.


The pineal affects the sleep cycle through its production of melatonin. I is removed in some tumors with mild adverse effects. Although sleep disruptions are common after pinealectomy, they are most likely a result of the disease preceding surgery. Since melatonin is a free radical scavenger, oxidative stress is increased.
As for losing the seat of your soul, your soul just has to stand.

Jeff- <3 God <3 people

GREAT QUESTION! I would love to see brain surgery someday where they swap one person’s brain with another. I am not sure that the soul resides in any specific organ.
Monks have theory, no proof to back this up.

SO you would lose would your abilty to sleep?

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Well in 2006 I had a Pinael Tumor “Pineocytona” which was about the size of a walnut and fully encased the Pineal gland, needless to say I no longer have a Pineal Gland, and I am lucky to be alive, but have felt like complete ly “off” ever since! And nobody can give me answers this is tiresome and I am sick of not being able to sleep!!!!!!!!!!!!


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