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Question about the HIGH PRIESTESS tarot card meaning?

What can this card mean regarding a man’s first impression of a woman? Or what he thinks of her the first time he sees her.
thank you!


  1. If the High Priestess is your soul card below is what a man is seeing her for the first time. The will run if he is not strong in his own right.
    The Popess or The High Priestess A woman clothed in impressive robes is seated on a throne with a high veil or canopy between two pillars and with a double wimple behind her head. In some packs the pillars bear the inscription on the left B or Boaz and on the rightJ or Jachin.
    The Popess wears a crown similar to the papal crown with two or three diadems and sometimes topped by a lunar crescent, while in her lap rests the Torah or book of infinite wisdom. This figure has been associated with the legend of the female Pope Joan. Egyptian tarots show The Popess
    veiled. In minchiate packs she holds a globe and a scepter.
    Eighteenth-century tarot packs in southern France substituted Juno or Junon for The Female Pope or The Popess. In the IJJ pack a peacock appears in the background. The Popess is sometimes shown with a masculine face. She represents the self-motivated, intellectual person with perception and understanding.
    DIVINATORY MEANINGS: Wisdom. Sound judgment.
    Serene knowledge. Common sense. Learning. Serenity.
    Objectivity. Penetration. Education. Foresight. Intuition.
    Comprehension. Perception. Self-reliance. Hidden emo-
    tion. Purity. Virtue. Apparent emotionlessness. Inability to
    share. Lack of patience. Spinster. Platonic relationships.
    Avoids emotional entanglements. Occasionally talks too
    much. Practical. Teacher.

  2. depends on the man and the circumstances surrounding him, also the position of the card in the spread. the high priestess can be a blessing or a threat. in any case, she is a strong woman of authority.

  3. Without knowing if any other cards were involved, it makes this a little more difficult to interpret.
    Straight up – this is more likely to be how you present yourself, rather than what his first impression is going to be. To find out his impression, you would have to get him to draw the card. By you drawing the card, the cards can only tell you how you project yourself and therefore a possible reaction from another observer. But the cards cannot give you his thoughts, as he didn’t draw the cards. Hope that makes sense.
    So – you project yourself as a woman of strength and inner peace. You have a serenity about you based on your knowledge of what is right and what is wrong. You would be seen as a confident individual, and a no nonsense type (ie not an airhead or a nut job). You wouldn’t be seen as an easy target or high maintenance, but rather a very independent woman with her head on straight and a secure idea of what she wants in life and how to get it.
    As for his first impressions, that’s impossible for the cards to tell you. For example, if he’s just after a “one night stand” – he might see you as too rigid and a moral do-gooder for his tastes. Whereas if he’s looking for a spiritual person with strong convictions, you might be exactly what he is looking for.
    Basically, what I’m trying to explain is that anyone’s first impressions of another are purely subjective. They are based on their ethics and their background as to whether or not they like a person based on first impressions. All the cards can tell you is how you project yourself to another. They can’t tell you what that person’s reactions are going to be.
    In lak’ech


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