Home Discussion Forum Question about the astral plane?

Question about the astral plane?

I am very curious about what this “astral plane” exactly is, I have never had any experience with it, has anyone here? Do we visit this place in our dreams? Any answers, scientific or spiritual, are fine.


  1. new age bull shiit.
    Man is ignorant of the universe and is like a blind person.
    But there is no point pretending this can be changed and that we have knowledge of Other things when we don’t.

  2. The Astral Plane is simply another layer of space outside our visible range…made of a different kind of atoms called Aether or ectoplasm. Here, various entities are said to dwell such as Ghosts, Nymphs, Demons, Fairies and the like. In reality they are walking up and down the streets in great droves, but most people can’t see them.
    You can access the Astral Plane, by opening our third-eye…

  3. According to Hindus there are 33 levels of the astral and 33 levels of the etheric, roughly translating to hell and Heaven. Compared to the etheric, the astral in sleep is nightmares. In some levels you get what ever you want from the physical world to see if that is what makes you happy.
    This is the level where shamens travel to find cures. Myself, I’d rather wake up and realize I have all power over Heaven and Earth instead of seeking cures for a body that I am making up anyway.


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