Home Discussion Forum Question about Tarot readings to find out someone's sign?

Question about Tarot readings to find out someone's sign?

Are there any Tarot readings you can do to find out someone’s sign? Or is simply asking “What is their sign?” and pulling a random card suffice enough.
What if the card is from the Minor Arcana though, does it still count?
Hmm it certainly is going to be hard picking a best answer. KaBoom – Wouldn’t you think wands represent fire signs, pentacles to earth, and so on?


  1. Since Tarot symbology is very intimately linked with Astrological symbology, the cards may indeed give you a hint.
    A three card spread, concentrating on the question you specified, should be enough…looking at Cups as Water, Pentacles as Earth, Wands as Fire, and Swords as Air.
    And certain cards represent certain signs: Capricorn is the devil for example.
    Here’s a cool tutorial.
    I don’t agree with all of it, but it gives you an idea. I usually associate Cancer with the Moon card, and King of Pentacles with Capricorn (as well as the Devil card). And I usually represent the Queen of Cups with Pisces, not Cancer…
    But like I said, it gives you an idea.

  2. I would separate the major arcana from the minor. Then you can shuffle as much as you want, maybe split the deck into piles, pick up the pile you feel most drawn to, and flip over the card 🙂
    I have done this, however it totally didn’t work, but maybe you can have better luck 🙂

  3. I don’t think so. The card you pull can represent the person without necessarily representing their sign. Plus there is not agreement on which cards represent which signs or even elements.
    *Yes, I agree that wands represent fire. But there are people who think wands are air and swords are fire. I don’t remember where I read that. It could’ve been 10+ years ago.
    I’m Virgo Sun/ Leo Asc. The cards that I feel represent me are the 9 of Pentacles and the Queen of Swords. I don’t even have any air in my chart but I have a strong Mercury. And High Priestess always pops up when I ask about past lives. lol
    This book will help you look at the minor cards more indepthly: http://www.amazon.com/Tarot-Tree-Life-Finding-Everyday/dp/083560747X/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1234206385&sr=1-1
    I got the following from my copy of this: http://www.amazon.com/Mythic-Tarot-Workbook-Juliet-Sharman-Burke/dp/0671658425/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1234206749&sr=1-1
    Knights- mutable
    Queens- fixed
    Kings- cardinal
    Knight of Cups- Pisces
    Knight of Wands- Sagitarrius
    Knight of Swords- Gemini
    Knight of Pentacles- Virgo
    Queen of Cups- Scorpio
    Queen of Wands- Leo
    Queen of Swords- Aquarius
    Queen of Pentacles- Taurus
    King of Cups- Cancer
    King of Wands- Aries
    King of Swords- Libra
    King of Pentacles- Capricorn
    Then there is this one that has planet and aspects printed right on the card: http://www.amazon.com/Elemental-Tarot-Caroline-Smith/dp/0312241399/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1234207216&sr=1-1 I have it but don’t use it much. It is very untraditional.
    Various cards can represent the signs. But I don’t think they can be used to find out someone’s sign. I guess you can experiment for yourself though.

  4. No. Tarot is more likely way of meditating and thinking the answer with guidance of the cards. Childish questions like when i die, who will i marry and will i get wiser by the time people can ask from spiritual board! But yes, you can “predict” the future with tarot, but for example Celtic cross reading has 10 cards, only 1 is future and 1 outcome, and all cards are linked to each other, all are equal. They don’t tell any black and white truths more likely helps you see all the shades and sides of your question.

  5. You can only get an idea but not concise because a ll the symbols on the cards represent an individual meaning in order to form a picture ex the Fool card shows a carefree man just walking but there’s a dog nipping at his foot also Fool carries a bag behind him to represent his secrets so you really can’t apply this to a specific Sign b/c it can be applied to all the Signs in a sense I hope this helps I know it sounds really out there though but this is what I’ve learned & it does make sense after a while

  6. Why not just ask the person? Although the Tarot is amazingly accurate and the minor cards have signs as well wouldn’t it just be easier to ask the person?
    If you are looking for the astrological attributions of each card then you can find everything you need to know from this website.
    The minor arcana is separated into decanates instead of full signs. There is also a planet which can coincide with the days of the week.
    One thing about the court cards. Someone has posted a guide but it’s not entirely accurate. The court cards overlap two signs beginning from 20 degrees and finishing at 20 degrees of the next sign. So we are looking at the last ten days (degrees) of one sign and the first 20 days(degrees) of the next sign.
    Still I think it’s way easier to just ask.
    Not all Tarot decks are created the same. So basically what we are talking about is the court cards. There will be a court card that has a male figure on a horse. This is the knight. The male figure sitting down on a chariot or a throne will be the prince even though you deck may call him a king.

  7. The Tarot will never give you an accurate reading to find out someone else’s sign simply because that would be gossiping. The Tarot NEVER talks about someone else who is not present for the reading, unless it talks about how they affect your life. That’s as far as it can go.
    As for astrology, the Tarot can only do so much. BUT, it has influences.
    The Fool-Uranus
    The Magician-Mercury
    The High Priestess- the Moon
    The Empress- Venus
    The Emperor- Aries
    The Hierophant- Taurus
    The Lovers- Gemini
    The Chariot- Cancer
    Strength- Leo
    The Hermit- Virgo
    The Wheel- Jupiter
    Justice- Libra
    The Hanged Man- Neptune
    Death- Scorpio
    Temperance- Sagitttarius
    The Devil- Capricorn
    The Tower- Mars
    The Star- Aquarius
    The Moon- Pisces
    The Sun- the Sun
    Judegement- Pluto
    The World- Saturn
    As for the lowers, most people don’t use them for astrological profiles, but I do! Most people also don’t use the Aces, but I feel that these are accurate for me.
    Aces- cardinal
    Two- fixed
    Threes- mutable
    Fours- fixed
    Fives- mutable
    Sixes- Cardinal
    Sevens- Mutable
    Eights- Cardinal
    Nines- Fixed
    Tens- none
    That’s how I work it. I usually only use this trick for when I’m writing and I like figuring out what signs my characters are, haha. I would only use that trick for purposes like that. Sometimes though in a reading, the signs pop out at me. Like when someone asks me, “Well, who is out there for me?” If I pull out the Ace of Wands, I’d say “Hm, most definitely an Aries, but someone who is good in initiating projects for you, and someone who will push you into getting things out there.”
    Like that. If you pull out one of the majors and you get a card like The Magician, you can bet it’s talking about either Gemini or Virgo, OR someone who is very communicative. Sometimes, the Tarot won’t tell you specifically, and there’s a good reason for it. It would probably be best to just pay attention and see who comes along!


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