Sunday, September 26, 2021

Question about tarot for a knowledgeble reader?

When I read, am I actually peering into the future or just trying to get a snapshot of the person’s sitation. I am trying to see if I am going about this right.


  1. You are acutaly peeing into your future and everybody else’s with that evil.
    Everytime you involve yourself in that you are inviting evil demonic being to rule your spirit and mind and that of others.
    You and those of you who involved in that will be on a path to hell where those who seek demonic communication while on earth Go!
    Hell is horrible – don’t go there fooling with the enemy of God – satan

  2. most readers will …. or should agree
    that the future is not set
    it is changeable
    so if you are doing a future reading , it is only based on the persons situation as it is as present
    I do not call them future readings or fortune telling
    I call it guidance
    and the sitter should be made aware that this can change at any moment

  3. Depends on what layout your using. Some are for the current status. Some of them are for future, and some show both. You also need to remember that just because you have read their future it doesn’t mean that the future is the same the next day. Our paths change with the decisions we make. I once was told that I would end up in jail. However, I took precautions to avoid the situation that would lead me to jail. Therfore that “prediction” simply wasn’t true after the reading….I changed what might have happened.

  4. Hello
    Maybe both.
    It would depend on how you read the cards – Tarologist / Intuition or Clairvoyant.
    If you new, practice & test you results with friends as well as yourself.

  5. There really isn’t a simple answer to this question. For the most part the future is entirely uncertain to the higher mind, because it filters information and only provides you with what is relevant. However simply because this is all that you actually think about in a conscious state that dose not mean it is all that you perceive. The human brain takes in every bit of information around you, however, most of it is thrown away into the subconscious as irrelevant. If people could use more than about 5% of there brains consciously without dieing we would theoretically be able to “see”, or more accurately calculate, the future with all of the info we take in. However we cannot use all of that data because if we even consciously perceived all of that information we would be having seizures non-stop, so the ancients developed divination. Taromancy, rune casting, the I Ching, these are all just ways of taping into all of that subconscious data to give the most probable outcome of a situation without killing us.
    Sorry for how rambling that was, but you cant fully answer that question without a twenty page paper. I apologize for my spelling. Hope it helped, and that you understood…


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