Question about Taoism?

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If you were trying to teach Taoism to a person who didn’t have the best reading skill, what would you recommend? Any specific translations? Or would you actually recommend not reading the Tao Te Ching, and perhaps getting a modern book that talks about Taoism (as opposed to the core texts).
I know Taoism is a religion/philosophy, but I figured more people would know about it in this section than in the philosophy section.

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The Tao of Atheism.

Show the nature. Tao is the nature. The way the plants produce oxygen and humans produce CO2, which compliment each other. That’s is Tao.

william p

Just do Taoism Tai Chi in front of him and try to use Tasoism “Qing Kung” to leap from the floor to up the tree…guarantee you would earn a lot of WOWs from the audience!!


The core texts of tao actually deal with some gods and holy men and the like. I would suggest reading Zhuangzi instead.

Abyss Of My Mind

Be careful about Tao Te Ching – the Bible of Taoism. The translations are often inaccurate.


Taoism is hard to understand if you grew up with Western philosophy. And taoist texts are usually highly theoretical…. so I would just paraphrase what is said in the texts and use lots of common examples.


I’d suggest giving an overview of the 10 most popular Eastern religions so that you can foster some kind of discussion.

Robert R

Start with “The Tao of Pooh” by Benjamin Hoff.


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