question about shamanism?

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I’ve read that in shamanism, a shaman needs to find out who his/her animal guides (and/or spirit guides) are. how does a person do this?
more specifically, native american shamanism.

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Google “Finding the One True God” by Chief Shoefoot. He was a shaman in South America and has some amazing insight into that life. If you can’t find it email me and I’ll try to get it for you.


Dreams or journeying. There are many types of shamanism. Usually, as you begin to learn to become a shaman, your spiritual journeying will reveal your spirit and/or animal guides. Realize that these Can Change over time, although there will usually be one or two who stay with you through your entire life.


There are different practices within shamanism. Some *European* views do not require *animal* guides. You’re describing mostly the Native American shamanism.
Honestly? Never push anything. It’ll just come to you.


I am no expert but usually this is done with fasting, or exhaustion (dancing all night) or drugs. This opens the mind, but to what? It is not smart to do this. It’s opening yourself to anything that might be out there and can be very dangerous. White “witches” use a magic protection circle to sanctify their communications. I suggest you use more tradtional methods such as traditional prayers, candles, prayer beads and meditation. What you meditate on and desire, and pray for and seek is what you will find. May I make a suggestion? Pray to God for truth, every day, and see what happens.

Dendronbat Crocoduck

This is true only in some groups. I have worked in the Amazon and am familiar with a variety of indigenous cultures there. Among the Cocama for instance, it is referred to as a mother guide, and takes the form of some animal. The shaman is able to see what kind of animal guide your mother spirit is while under a hallucinogenic trance induced by ayahuasca.


Meditation and observation. Sit quietly and think about your spiritual path and where you want to be. Let your mind wander and animals will come to mind. If you happen to do this out in the woods, the animal itself may make an appearance.
Also, when you are going about your day you may notice that you see an unexpected animal or a certain type of animal keeps showing up during the day. Take note of what you were thinking or feeling at those times.
The most important part is that it feels right to you.

Cher was here JPA

There are excellent books on the topic – that will answer what can’t be in a small online question. Sandra Ingerman’s are the most read-able. She describes the whole journeying process as it was distilled by Harner from his observations of native cultures around the world.
What is being used by non-natives, is just a fragment of their medical & spiritual processes. It’s the segment that tends to have similar threads in various cultures around the world. It was then broken down into something easy to learn & do. I add this so readers will realize, it’s not really shamanism but a bit of stuff.
Basically whatever process you use to do the journeying, is the process you use to get your guides. They can be animals, or spirits. They will come to you in the process. It is important to get at least one guide early on, so you aren’t going it alone. The process developed by Harner uses a percussion, using drumming, at a particular rate to help the brain get into an altered brain wave state similar to meditation. From there you enter the journey world & let the images flow. For a guide, you should see it 4 times or from 4 angles, & be able to ask it if it’s a guide for you.
Harner wrote a book as well. I’m not suggesting it, because it’s not a very good source for learning the technque. It’s more an anthropology book. He may have written later books that do describe (since he has a whole foundation based on this), but I haven’t read them. Here’s his foundation: That too should have book sources for the how to.
You may need to do it with someone at least the first time, to get the feel, since it’s very experiential.

Black Holes & Revelations

Finding your spirit guide isn’t something that you can really push. It requires you to look inside and figure out your strengths and weaknesses. Your spirit guide should be something that balances your personality at that time in your life. More or less your guide is what inspires you to become whole. Furthermore, you may not have the same spirit guide your entire life.
So do some meditation, thinking, a walk-a-about, and consider who you are and what you need in life. Don’t really push it any further if that doesn’t work. More importantly, study nature. See what qualities nature has that you are lacking. By learning from the natural (not supernatural) world you will find your guide.
And finally, know that if you approach Native American shamanism as an outsider (white man) with the goal of becoming a shaman, you will be mocked just as you have mocked the fluff bunny Wiccans. There is a culture surrounding these beliefs that the culture you are a part of has been in conflict with since their first encounter. In Native American societies a shaman is a well-respected member of the tribe who has earned his or her position in being a part of and aiding their tribe—-not by deciding that they want to learn magic.
These are beautiful belief systems that deserve study by other cultures, but they also deserve respect.
Further, I would recommend reading some Native American mythologies and actually studying how the culture practices their beliefs and how they understand them.
For a start, try this website:

seeker of answers

There is no such thing as Native American shamanism. A Medicine man is not the same as a Shaman.
The word Shaman is actually a Siberian word. many people use the term shaman to describe a spiritual person however there are no south American, Asian, or Native American Shamans. To say otherwise is offensive to Shamanism and the paths you falsely call Shamanism.
No offense but you might want to learn more about Shamanism before trying to practice it.


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