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Question about religions?

Is Spiritualism a religion? Is Mysticism a religion? Is New Age a religion? Is New Thought a religion? What type of neo-pagan religions have a belief in angels and other beliefs in the supernatural? What is Stregheria and what are the fundamental beliefs of Stregheria? What types of Shamanism are there and what are the fundamental beliefs of Shamanism?


  1. Spiritualism/Spiritism is. New Age is. New Thought is more of a philosophy. Stregheria teaches that stars are angels (all I know on them), and Shamans claim to cure various deseases and bring souls back to their bodies by accessing the spirit world.

  2. I don’t know enough about Spiritualism or New Thought to comment. Mysticism is a type of religious practice, not a specific religion. New Age is a collection of techniques, not a religion.
    There are so many Neo-Pagan (please note the capitalization) religions that while I don’t know of any offhand that honor angels, there are probably some out there. Wicca certainly doesn’t, and within Wicca it is often stated that we work with natural Divine forces, not “supernatural” ones.
    I’ll leave it up to a practitioner of Stregheria to answer that question.
    Shamanism is a technique, not a particular religion.

  3. Religion means organized worship.
    Spiritualism, mysticism, new age do not fall under religion but spirituality.
    I do not know of a neo-pagan tradition that beleives in angels….google can help you with that. Same with Stregheria and Shamanism.


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