Question about reading auras?

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When you are concentrating on someone to see their aura, should everything around the person, including their face be invisible ((not like see through..just…blurry, kinda))? I read my aura and that’s what happened. Am I doing it right?
Also, my aura was really confusing. It was like yellow-green. But brown too..kinda…haha. Hellppp. 🙂
Also, do auras change??
Sorry..I’m really new at this…haha.
Wait, auras are epilepsy?? What?

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theyre satanic….run away..

A. Crowsdale

When learning to read auras, it’s best to look a few inches above their head–ideally, the person will be next to a white(ish) background. The more you practice, the easier it will be to read auras.
I learned by looking at my own aura. I was in my bathroom against the wall (which is off-white), and looked in the mirror. The aura appears subtly, but it is there. Just concentrate, be patient, and DON’T FORCE IT, else it won’t happen easily at all.
Auras can change depending on a person’s mood, and their size can indicate how much energy somebody has. And reading auras is not “Satanic.”


Yes all material(real stuff) should blurr you can then see the aura it will change colours with your mood health personality angelic or spirits around you so will never look the same. You can find people to take photo`s of your aura and interpret what they see. also the chakras have their own colours moving from red base chakra to violet crown chakra as you become more spiritually evolved they also change tho.


If you want to learn about auras–which are actually sort of
miniature epileptic seizures–I’d suggest you subscribe to
the online newsletter WebMD. They can tell you anything
you want to know about epilepsy, and/or any other disorder
or disease.
Good luck & good health.

Sadhara Satguru

Join us – will help to answer all your questions & yes auras change with every thought/emotion & action we take. Link below 🙂


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