Question about Lucid dreaming and OBE?

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So I can easily go into sleep paralysis and I can also stay mentally awake while I am psychically asleep. But I don’t actually have any dreams or OOBE while this happens =/
Do you know what I am doing wrong?
im not trying too hard. Im 100 percent sure im not trying too hard. Really i just clear my mind and dont think of anything at all. =/

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trying too hard

Cyndy E

Try picturing yourself going up in an elevator shaft or in an elevator.


If you are sure you are psychically asleep, that is your problem. You need your psychic ability to be able to have an out of body experience. Not everyone can do this, dear. Sorry.


Sleep paralysis is the feeling one gets between the waking body and the dreaming body. Personally, Just relax into it and feel the electrical/spiritual substance which is the body. Don’t force anything. Picture in your minds eye (without thinking) what you want to do, for example move your arm and eventually it will happen.

Tom I

The missing ingredient is fiendishly difficult to describe usefully, but it’s something along the lines of formulation and execution of a specific intent to progress the experience. Maybe what I mean comes through slightly if I say: “I’ve got the canvas ready, there’s paint on my brush…but I don’t actually have any picture while this happens”. Just hanging around waiting, wanting and hoping isn’t the trigger, you have to actually get round painter’s block somehow, start taking authorship of your experience. I know this sounds useless, but perhaps these links on “Placing intent” will make it 10% clearer how to reach the necessary state of consciousness (I can’t find many):
If not, fall back on more technique! There’s a fair bit here that should help.


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