Question about indigo's and the dark awakening.?

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I was curious as to if there’s a way to make this transition easier for me?
I fit most of the ‘rules’ for being considered an indigo child/adult. I have for many years. Right now I’m going through my dark awakening and I know for everyone it’s a test of faith. The symptoms of my dark awakening are getting to a point where it’s affecting my everyday life. The ‘activity’ at the crown sometimes gets so bad I become physically sick. It feels as if someone’s taking a needle and continuously stabbing it in my skin. I’ve recently found that meditation (my meditation periods have become quite shorter. Is this normal?) and chakra working and found it helps, but for short periods of time. Is there any advice or information available that someone could help me with?
Thank you.
Well, I’ve been going through my dark awakening pretty early, but most start in their late twenties. Here’s a site on dark awakenings:
Hope it helps.

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Danielle S

According to an aura examination I took several years ago (based on the book What Color is Your Aura as I recall) I’m an Indigo, but I don’t know anything about “dark awakenings” or anything like that. Where is this information found?
I have seen my aura a few times while in deep meditation – wow! what an amazing experience that is! — but I’ve always seen it as green, not the indigo as described in the book.


try you local Asian works very well in redirecting your negative chi and it will make you fell better.but make sure they are professional.there are alot of cons.

Susan Gale

It does not have to be a dark awakening. You need a teacher who can see what you are seeing and can give you the tools to remain in charge. Rather than an awakening, it is a remembering of who your true self, your soul self is.
Also, there are no rules… it is about the ability to link to the world of spirit. Just that simple… everyone does it in their own unique way, so can be no rules or labels!


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