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Question about fear and the human mind?

“Fear is an illusionary image founded in lack of knowledge.”
Do you think if an individual completely accepted that theory, even on subconscious levels, said individual would no longer feel fear?
Why or why not?
EDIT: Sorry, I forgot to mention this, but I was referring more to the Unknown.


  1. No, I don’t think so. My own opinion with this, is that fear is a very natural and necessary emotion. It’s part of the survival instinct. It’s the ones who “have no fear” who constantly end up in trouble, because they don’t heed the warnings that fear sometimes brings to protect them. Fear can be a mind killer if it’s excessive, but it’s part of your “gut feeling”. When my “gut” tells me something is wrong with a person or place, I listen. It’s your survival instinct protecting you from a possible danger source.

  2. No. Fear is a fight or flight response that is a natural reaction to a perceived real or imagined impending danger. Without it, we would be in trouble.

  3. Um.. lack of knowlege, what do you mean by that/or rather, what does the theory mean by that?
    Even if people are educated about certain things, that doesnt mean that they have lost the ability to feel fearful.
    However, if people are educated about certain things that cause fear, and methods of controlling events/fearful feelings, then fear may be occuring less in the future.
    Its like the biofeedback method, once patients know that their feelings are being translated into physical events, ex. when anxious, sweating is more, when anxious, heartrate is higher (both of these can cause fear), if they know that what they feel is making their body do things, if they learn to control that feeling/though – ex. calm themselves down, they will then see that their sweat will be controlled, their heartrate will be controlled, and this will then lead to less fear about whats going on in their bodies.
    I dont think i agree with that theory 100%, i mean, its both … weather you are educated or not, it doesnt mean that you have lost the ability to be fearful, i mean, it can still happen even if u r educated abotu something.

  4. Fear is a part of your imagination. Imagination is controlled in your cerebrum. How much you fear isn’t determined by lack of knowledge but by how wide and strong your imagination is. Some people have more fear than others not because they are stupid but because their imagination is wide spread.

  5. Fear cant be stopped just by accepting a theory or idea its something that is programmed into your brain you cant get rid of it.


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