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question about chakras?

a which chakra are you type of quiz popped on my facebook and i took it…i know about the different levels and that they can be either open or closed and what each level represents…but what is it apart of a religion? philosophy? is it apart of something bigger? i have a feeling its a form of meditation but im not sure…if it is does it help at all? and where did this idea come from?


  1. Chakras come from Hinduism and are used in meditation as well. Its about exploring your inner world and energy centers. Wiki it for more.

  2. Chakras are linked to eastern traditional medicine. A wonderful resource book is, ‘Chakras Healing.’ One spirit has a copy with instructions on usage. Also, ‘The Subtle Body.’ Also from One Spirit Book Club and Barrnes and Noble has them too.
    Chakras deal with infinite energies and is a method of healing. Meditation is sometimes included…as is Crystal Healing.
    Blessed Be!

  3. It is a concept native to Hinduism, and yes, it involves much meditation. It is not a part of something *bigger* necessarily, it is more a way to explore and stabilize your inner emotions and energies so that they can ‘flow’ clear. Most people have too much anger, too much love (yes, it is possible), too much something, or too little something, and so they are not complete.

  4. I learned all about the chakras while attending massage school. In that environment, I was taught that they are energy centers that can suffer imbalances and such and are each related to a basic emotion/action in Eastern medicine.


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