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question about ceremonial magic?

I just started reading Modern Magick by Donald Kraig. In this book, he mentions the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram. (LBRP)
Can this ritual be used with Low magic too? For example, using it to clear a space of negativity before beginning a wiccan ritual.
Or is it not good to mix Low magic with ceremonial magic?
Rev. Dave,
you just contradicted yourself. you said that magic is not real, then you said that Satan created magic to send me to hell. either he created it, or it’s not real. you can’t say it both ways.


  1. There is no such thing as magic.. Magic was created by Satan to separate you from your Creator…. Do you want to go to HELL? Stop playing with magic and open up a bible.

  2. I have this book but I haven’t read it in years, so I am not sure if I am right or not lol. In my personal opinion I don’t see why you cannot use both Low and Ceremonial. As long as the intent is positive (such as removing negative energies) it should be fine.
    Will star for contacts!

  3. You can absolutely use the LBRP before folk magick (or low magic as some call it).
    Ceremonial Magick (or high magick) as a system is involved primarily with the perfection of the self and evolution of the soul back towards Godhead. Folk magick generally revolves around the needs of the here and now, but many practitioners certainly involve spirituality into by petitioning or invoking the aid of their own personal religious deities/spirits – however it can be practiced relying completely on the energies inherant in any herbs, crystals, and the practitioner’s own skill in energy raising and manipulation. The techniques in folk magick tend to be more organic and flexible to the situation and ingredients, while the techniques of ceremonial magick tend to be more complex and require the practitioner to adhere to specified combinations of rituals and incantations and ritual tools. However, you can certainly use ceremonial magick methods to work towards “low magick” ends.
    That being said, the LBRP has become standard in many magickal traditions and versions of it can be found in Wicca and other neo-Pagan denominations that otherwise tend to have a more organic “low magick” orientation. Because it is very effective, it’s been adopted by these different groups. Traditionally, Wicca is based heavily in ceremonial magick due to Gardner’s useage of Golden Dawn ceremony to provide structure to the otherwise very free-form rituals of the witches he studied with. So the LBRP energetically fits right in with much of Wicca – no worries there.
    Magick as an art is nothing if not flexible and open to syncretism. One just needs to have an understanding of the energies involved and how they function so intelligent choices can be made.
    The LBRP functions to banish unwanted influences within one’s own sphere of influence – so your own person (mind-body-sprit). So it is a fantastic way to clear your head and aura of psychic junk to prepare for ritual. By strengthening your own energy body in this way, you become less suseptible to distracting or harmful outside influence. The LBRP is working on the microcosmic scale of your environment.
    To clear the space around you that is not within your immediate control, you will want to use the Banishing Ritual of the Hexagram following the LBRP. The BRH clears the “macrocosm” of your environment. That will clear your ritual space effectively. You can find that ritual in Modern Magick (which is a SUPERLATIVE book, by the way).
    I know alot of people that are primarily “low magick” workers, but have kept up their ceremonial banishings as part of their practice because of it’s effectiveness. However, I do find that the majority of people that practice witchcraft as it is found in Wicca and other neo-Pagan traditions generally find adopting too much ceremonialism cumbersome due to the lengths one must go through before actually getting to the meat of the work. But the banishings are quick, easy, and effective.
    Study, practice, gain some experience and a measure of expertise with the energies involved – and then you can start making more informed decisions of what to keep and what to let fall by the wayside in your own personal path. In the meantime, there’s no reason you shouldn’t use your banishings!

  4. Hi Kira
    Yes. the LBRP is a good way of centering and calming oneself – a bit of moving meditation if you will. It is widely used in the Golden Dawn.
    Well we wouldn’t use it, in our coven, to “cleanse” a space, it’s more of a personal thing, protection in a way, calming is probably more accurate, or creating a sacred space – utilising a Qabbalistic approach – Ateh, Malkuth, ve Geburah, ve Gedulah, etc… “Unto Thee The Kingdom, and the Power, and the Glory.
    Malkuth, Geburah and Gedulah are sephiroth on the Tree of Life, which needs a dozen other Q&A’s!!
    In case you are wondering Qabalah is the spelling generally used to indicate the use of Kabbalah as an occult and practical magical system.
    When I do still do the LBRP, it still has the capacity to put me into a good ‘grounded’ – relaxed yet energized – mood, and occasionally something more significant occurs.
    I will tell you that in coven we use this in particular rituals, but rarely – when some of us work ceremonial magic, we use this much much more.
    However I realise that coven work isn’t what you are asking about, you’re asking about natural or low magic. No reason why you can’t use the LBRP to focus and centre, there are other techniques, but you have to try them out and see what”s right for you. The vibrational tones of Ateh, Malkuth etc. do have meaning and power, built up over years and years of use. You don’t just say them “flat” as it were, they are intoned. This is where a lodge or a temple comes in handy.
    I have seen the sounds on line somewhere, I shall go and investigate for you!!
    Hope this helps a bit. To sum up, LBRP is used in ceremonial magic primarily – other traditions “borrow” it for use, it is also used to centre and ground onself…..
    ps – Don’t forget the Lesser INVOKING ritual of the Pentagram either, however the LBRP is much more in use across the board these days.

  5. I would not call Wiccan ritual “low magic.” Low magic is practical magic. Wiccan ritual is a spiritual employment of magic, which is part of the definition of “high magic” (although it’s not as complex as what people normally think of when they hear “high magic”.)
    Wicca in and of itself has ceremonial magic aspects to it, although I certainly would not call it ceremonial magic. But the whole circle casting thing, calling quarters, associating elements with the quarters, for example, that was all borrowed from ceremonial magic.
    I would say get away from seeing things in big generalizations and just see if what pieces you want to combine at any particular time make sense. In this case, the LBRP invokes Judeo-Christian angels. Does that make sense in a Wiccan ritual, when you’re invoking non-Christian gods?


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