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Question about 'Auras'?

Before i ask it i would just like to say that normally its the stuff i wouldn’t even dream about believing in. and I’m still not sure if i believe it all even now.
Well, was reading on net about it and decided to have a go, so looked at my arm in that way, and yeah could see a blue/purple clinging to the skin and then a Yellow bit further out. But not of the sites seem to be particularly clear on what it actually means, so what does it mean???


  1. Auras are real…there is nothing paranormal about them at all…but it is pretty unusual for a person to be able to see one.
    An aura is just energy surrounding a person…we are electrical beings so think of it as a force field if you like…They “change colour” (According to the people who have seen them.) and get bigger, more pronounced, or smaller according to the person it’s surroundings emotions.
    My mum claims to have seen one when she was about 5…her dad was in a choir and she had to go listen to him sing…sitting there bored, (as any five year old would be) she looked up and saw a bright light surrounding the conductor. She says it was orange and yellow and really big…probably because of the intense emotion and excitement he felt whilst doing his job.
    Hope this helps.

  2. You probably stared at your arm until you experienced retinal fatigue, basically your eyes got tired and it created the illusion of an aura.
    There is no scientific evidence that auras are real.

  3. Hi, Hayley’s answer is good, auras surround the person, i remember quite a few years ago i had to go into a shop for a particular item, i was pregnant at the time and the lady in the shop was wonderful to me, she said i had a lovely aura around me, hours later my husband went into the same shop for another (electrical) item, as he walked in she looked at him and said your wife was in earlier she described me to him and said that i was pregnant, she said that the same aura had gone in with my husband that was around me and that’s how she knew.

  4. “Auras” are nonsense. The idea of visible auras is based on Kirllian photography, which was debunked years ago. The photos appeared to show a glow around the outline of a person, but it turned out that either the camera or the film was faulty. Or probably both.
    For further research. you would need to visit the Harry Price Library of Psychical Research in the Senate House of the University of London, behind the British Museum. The collection includes all you could possibly wish for on auras, and much more.

  5. You can also observe what happen to photos when you are watching to them/personal ones, in magazines, publicitiy etc./ Some individuals can produce when watching photos the white colour to become extremely white /silver colour or as in crystal/ and the black colour to strenghten – they produce contrst on photos and this is also connected to aura frequencies,

  6. Kiwi, Jonquill is exactly right. Many optical illusions rely on the same method that is used to see “auras” — concentrated staring at an object for a period of time.

  7. Hayley’s right. Aura is just a name for the feild of energy around you, and it takes training to be able to see it, simply because it’s just a tad bit beyond the normal range the eyes are made for. People can tell me all they like it’s an optical illusion, but I see them everywhere, on everything. Everything to me has a halo around it. I just can’t see color. And i’ve had my eyes checked, my vision is perfect. So I believe you when you say you saw something.
    But, as others mentioned, aura color changes. It changes with illness, it changes with mood, it changes when we grow (emotionally and spiritually).
    Here’s a link that may describe it. I just googled it, to be honest, but I’ve come across this site before, and I trust it, it’s a good one. The energy in the site feels good to me. http://www.reiki-for-holistic-health.com/auracolormeanings.html
    peace and love to you

  8. You will find a lot of different things about the colors because they dont really mean anything.
    What you experienced was an optical illusion, nothing more.
    Auras do not exist in the new age sense of the word.
    If they did exist and anyone could be trained to see them with thier own eyes, then surely there would be a device in doctors to assess the health of a patient based on their aura.

  9. “Even though equipment exists capable of measuring extremely minute energy levels, no one has ever detected an aura or the alleged energy that gives rise to an aura using scientific equipment. Human tissue is about a million times less sensitive than something like a PET scanner, yet we are supposed to believe that some special people can “see” what cannot otherwise be detected.”
    Aura readers have been tested, one famously on TV, and have failed miserably. James Randi has one million dollars on offer for anyone who pass a mutually agreed test, but no takers.

  10. Here are several perspectives:
    “The Human Aura,” Kuthumi and Djwal Kul. Available in mass paperback format; best esoteric knowledge on the subject.
    http://www.tiller.org “Psychoenergetic Science,” Dr. William A. Tiller; excellent science.
    “The Field,” Lynne McTaggart. Gives clear, basic summaries of recent mainstream biophysics research in human biofield.
    http://www.divinecosmos.com has some good information; use key search words.
    “Autobiography of a Yogi,” Yogananda.
    “Kundalini West” and “Watch Your Dreams,” Ann Ree Colton.
    “Light Is a Living Spirit,” O. M. Aivanhov.
    “Life before Life,” Jim Tucker, M.D.
    “The Master of Lucid Dreams,” Dr. Olga Kharitidi,
    “Extraordinary Knowing,” Dr. Elizabeth Mayer.
    Use the amazon.com website to see reviews of the books.


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