Question about auras, no BS answers please. What exactly are they? Please don't say "well duh, they'e auras."

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This person that can see them has absolutely no involvement in any kind of occult activity, and I don’t intend that to be read in a negative way, just informationally speaking. I looked at “similar questions” and when they said that this or that color meant a certain quality, it didn’t match up at all with this situation. In this situation, each person has a particular color around them, and that color never changes, ever. We have tried to find similarities in people that have the same color aura — no luck. Personally, I view it as another state of reality that most people don’t see or don’t know how to see. Don’t know if I would prefer “scientific” answer or other, just the truth as you see it. Call me closed-minded if you will, and I’m afraid some of you will, but the person in question (and myself) are both strong Christians, no questions asked, if that makes a difference.

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It’s your life-force energy field…it can even be detected on special instruments. It may very well be the essence of our souls.


they are the energy the body is giving off ,many colors show off when photographed in cerlian photography


Auras are just the visible manifestation of your soul. The colors reflect the type of person you are and what’s in your heart. If a person’s aura is full of bright and vibrant colors then they are usually in pretty good health and an all around good person. If the colors are murky and muddy then the person is usually either in very bad health or just a very bad person in general. Anyone can see auras with enough practice, meditation is usually the easiest route even though it could take longer for some than others.


Aura is the energy field, the life force around a living thing…plants, animals, people all have auras…the colors fluctuate continually and the aura changes with how well, tired, upset, happy, etc the living thing is at that moment…they are just a part of life…

arlene k

Anything which lives has energy like electricity. The energy runs the functions of the body and extends beyond the body. Some people can see the energy that extends beyond the body. It is called an aura. Although each person comes here with a basic field, which is what he may be seeing, emotions, thoughts, life experiences change the colors temporarily. If he sees this in people, he can see it in plants and other animals, too, if he looks.

Amber F

The aura is the energy of the individual. We all radiate at a slightly different level of energy and each level consists of one or two main colors depicted by that level. Any changes seen in an aura is usually in the size and shape of the aura in specific areas of the body as well as possible darkening of the color around a certain spot. I think emotional state might also alter the size or brightness. I don’t see them but I can feel them. This is another one of those things that is not religious specific though some people might claim it so (God given gift, etc.).

wize woman

Detection of the auras–the energy fields around beings and objects–have nothing to do with ones religious beliefs; immediate perimeter around any house in the winter is warmer than the air at a further distance, for example. One can actually measure the temperature differences due to the heat emanation from the building. Heat=energy=energy-field=element of aura.
Similarly each person emits heat in the winter, heat=energy=energy-field=element aura. Right? The temperature of our body varies and so does the heat emanated, and so do the colors of aura; sometimes the warm colors, at other times the cool colors might prevail.
Some people feel the energy fields, others see them or detect them in their own way–some people detect rain ahead of time–in their bones, others in the joints–yet the scientists negate this phenomenon, for example. Thus some people detect more than one type of energy, others don’t. We can detect persons emotions–aggression, anger, or friendliness–at a distance, how? Our auras touch and resonate!
Not seeing anything does not mean there is a complete void there, does it?
A lack of color is actually a combination of colors that becomes a beautiful rainbow with a right prism.
I hope it helps.


I’m going to come at your question from a different direction. All communication between lifeforms is done via vibrations of the media in which the lifeforms live. Auras are just one of those ways of communication.
An anecdotal example: Mosquitoes can see into the infra red spectrum and use the ability for hunting their warm bodied sources of blood nourishment. My wife can walk through a Maine wood with only one or two mosquito bites. She has counted as many as 134 mosquitoes on the back of my tee shirt as we bushwhacked over to the lake. My skin temperature is usually about a degree and a half above what is normal and I have a very dense Aura.
Auras are vibrations in the light frequencies that can be seen by some as colors. They may, or may not, be harmonics of visible light colors.


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