Home Discussion Forum Question about astral projection?

Question about astral projection?

If someone performs astral projection and visits you can they physically hurt you?


  1. if the person is strong enough in doing it, yes. but it takes alot to do just astral projection, i do dreams/type of astral projection when i can, but it’s not something you can learn to do over night, and it helps to have someone who knows how to teach/explain/help you with it.

  2. No they can not psychically touch you. They are incorporeal. But they can be seen and heard.
    If they could become corporeal. That would mean they have simply transported.

  3. I know the feeling. Of course they can’t physically hurt You, unless You reallllllly believe. I assume You don’t really believe because that would make YOu a tosser.

  4. No. It is their soul’s awareness visiting, which cannot harm you. That was why I didn’t enjoy the movie sixth sense and why spiritualism gets a bad rep. Only humans can hurt you.


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