Question about astral projection, or OBE?

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I’ve never actually had an OBE (out of body experience) but lately I ‘ve been doing a chakra clearing meditation CD at night to help me relax and sleep. Towards the end I start to feel the vibrations (which is what happens before and OBE). Sometimes they’re pretty intense too, but I guess I concentrate on them too much (as hard as I try not to) because after a minute or so they just disappear. I’ve read that I need to stay “icy” but it’s easier said than done because I get excited.. Anyone have any suggestions?

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Tad W

Keep working on it. You are developing and strengthening your spiritual skills and abilities. Just like you can’t run a marathon without training, you need training to reach this goal.


i have been watching NDES on youtube for a while, this interests me


You have out of body experiences everynight while you sleep. You just dont remember. But most out of body experiences happen natually . I suggest you just ask your higherself to remember one such experience. I honestly believe though that you may be talking about remote viewing and not OBE because those experiences are where you consciously take yourself wherever you want to go and you can desctibe your surroundings. Chakra cleansing is great but I would also try to do mediations related to remote viewing exercising because I believe that is what you want to focus on.
Blessings to you


i hope this site will help you

Rev. Lynn D.

Keep your desire to have an OBE but don’t try too hard. It will happen naturally. It can take quite a bit of time for some people and that is common so don’t try to rush it.
You do have OBE’s at night while you sleep and it is a natural occurance.

Boba Fett

I think it’s superstitious nonsense.

Eclectic Witch ਹੇਰ੍ਮਨ੍

Keep practicing. Eventually you won’t get excited anymore.
You can’t suppress the emotion or else you won’t be able to fully control yourself on the astral.


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