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Queers have the best luck with Tarot cards?

I have 4 friends (plus myself) who read Tarot cards. I’m okay, I can sometimes understand what the cards want to tell me. The other bisexual in the group is okay, too.
However, the two straight people are really not very good at all. A few times, they have been right, but they’ve mostly been forced to give up reading and now use their cards for meditation.
And my gay friend who reads is amazing–he’s right almost every time.


  1. Sexuality has nothing to do with it – it has to do with confidence, experience, etc. etc.
    Sexuality doesn’t enter the equation of who is a better reader and who isn’t.

  2. It just happens that gay people are more open-minded in general and thus more in tune with their sub conscious. They are better at reading the signs in others as well as their selves. My partner is an awesome tarot reader and will tell it to you straight…she will not sugar coat anything. I am good at it too, but some days better than others and vastly out of practice with my runes. Most gays have studied the other religions beside Christianity-because they won’t accept us- and it helps to have this knowledge to be a successful reader.


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