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Queen Hillary? I am thinking a monarchy not a dynasty Bush/Clinton/Bush/Clinton? Bill's media biltz after hill

Hill was on the Sunday shows, Bill’s hit today as he promotes his Global stuff, book, waits for the next one in October? I’m happy he is promoting not obstructing but was up? Hillary will be voted on her own merit he tells Charles Gibson. So, no dynasty as she is on her own right and the rest of us will have to follow what she says… hahhaa even Bill slips about who wears the pants!
Ideas, funnies?? I don’t care. Links preferred. Both sides I get. He looks like he has had a spiritual awakening lately?? Do you buy their media nonsense? I swear they work well as a tag team. Like Laurel & hardy. Thanks.
BLITZ sorry over zealous and laughing like Hillarious was on Sunday TV, spelling got away from me!
you think some day nepotism laws in place will expand to include one President per family?
I would vote, promote do anything for a law like that!!
Dog reference, GRRRR how about Socks the cat for President? Meow!


  1. Republican or Democrat, it does’nt matter anymore. They are both the same with the same self-serving agendas. This will never change until we breath in the smelling salts, turn off the living room propaganda machine and get rid of ALL the bums in office. I read an article years ago that said it could never happen because we believe in our locally elected officials. In the last 10 years or so, do you have any idea of how many of our rights have been revoked and how many new laws have passed benefitting corporations? Do yourself a favor and spend a few hours googling corporate laws. If you think I’m a flake, take the challenge.

  2. If Chelsea Clinton runs after Hillary and Jeb Bush are in it will be the first time a former presidents dog ran for president. Democrat and republican is monarchy rule. When are we going to have an American president instead of a president whos party is based off of socialism. Democrats are borderline Communists and Republicans are borderline Natzis. We need an American President!


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