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Quantum physics and head lights.?

If I invented a car that was capable of moving faster than the speed of light, what would happen if when I turned on the headlights?


  1. Though your case couldn’t exist, just as interesting is to consider if you had a car traveling very nearly the speed of light, and you turned on the headlights.
    To an external observer that you were approaching, your headlights would appear as very blue-shifted photons traveling at c (relative to them), arriving a few moments before you go whizzing by in your car traveling at nearly c.
    Within your frame of reference, however, light would still go by you at the speed of light, c. You would perceive your headlights traveling away from you at c, pretty much the same way as you do when holding still. That is the whole point underneath time dilation and relativity.

  2. I’ll stick with Einstein – no matter what your speed, light travels away from you at the speed of light.
    To you, it would appear that you turned on the headlights and they behave as they always do. This would only be true in your frame of reference.
    Since we are now talking about speeds faster than the theory of relativity can handle, I have no idea what this may look like to an outside observer. You may appear to be moving backwards in time.


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