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Quantum entanglement…the frequency of touch?

Evidently, quantum entanglement effects are the phenomenon associated with touch. When two atoms are briefly conjoined, then are pulled apart, they can communicate across distances instantly–if you jiggle one atom the other responds in kind. This is a non-local effect, but the entanglement is accomplished locally.
Maybe the imprint that is imparted once two atoms are joined in a specific context is a definition of locality that is on a higher frequency than light itself. The transitory and brief nature of the quantum “touch” leaves an imprint, which persists as long as the entanglement remains intact. Perhaps this is an ultra low density wave, which operates like a “phantom limb” (a phantom touch) and this is a frequency that remains so a communication conduit can be utilized.
Since it appears that the nature of this touch might contain some information, has anybody tried to “imprint” specific information on an atom through touching in much the same way that the entanglement occurs between two atoms? I know of two types of quantum entanglement: one where photons are split, then another where atoms are linked in entanglement. Maybe, if the integrity of the information was conserved through transit, the information could be used to make an imprint upon an atom, thus engaging the entanglement effect. Thus, the imprint could carry the imprint of the message at faster than light speeds, as has been demonstrated by quantum entanglement effects. Does it make a difference whether information is an imprint upon an atom? Seems like that might make a crucial difference, since the imprint is caused through touching (with two atoms) as has been done in other experiments. An imprint of information may not have the same characteristics as actual information.
Is there such thing as a “ghost” of information? A phantom limb of information? Could information be entangled with an atom then later transmitted if it was an imprint?
The proposal for an experiment is as follows: encode a photon with information, then split it into two photons. Capture and hold one of the photons, but aim the other photon at an atom so it leaves an imprint upon it. Then, use the atom that was captured to produce the link between atom and photon….
That should read, “Use the photon that was captured”…
Charcinders: the process of the touch itself is not the same as the imprint it leaves behind. That is like saying a limb is the same as a phantom limb…!
However, I will add that there might be energies that interact faster than light and on smaller scales that realized on when an imprint is created..


  1. I think there might be a little bit of wishful thinking here, although it’s a good concept you have going.
    There is a big problem though, which is that any form of “communication” between these two particles would violate relativity, since any measurement one one particle affects the other INSTANTLY, regardless of the distance between them. Special relativity states that no information can travel faster than the speed of light.
    This has been experimentally verified too – two entangled particles were taken a distance of greater than 100 km (I can’t remember the exact number) apart. A measurement was done one one particle, and the entangled particle responded instantly. The instrumentation was precise enough to measure a time difference much smaller than the delay expected with relativity, so if it were a wave, it would violate relativity.
    I still can’t say for sure what is responsible for quantum entanglement, but I can tell you one thing. It will probably involve extra dimensions (in addition to the currently proven 1 time and 3 space). Essentially, while the two particles are separated in our spatial dimensions, they are in the same place in another dimension, permitting this sort of interaction to take place.
    That’s my theory anyway. I more of a condensed matter physicist, so I don’t normally spend much time pondering these sorts of questions, although they are extremely fascinating to think about!

  2. Sounds to me like you have started by assuming an effect and are trying to come up with a possible mechanism to explain it.
    Touch is caused by mechanical pressure, which is caused by electrons in the outer shells of atoms in the skin and the surface repelling each other electrostatically. In the quantum model they do this by exchanging photons, which I think implies that the “message” travels at the speed of light.
    If you are right then an electric current in a wire would travel faster than light, because it is caused by similar interactions between electrons.

  3. Quantum entanglement and non-locality is called spooky action at a distance according to Einsten. I personaly think that tachyons are the perps.

  4. Quantum entanglement, with the quantum wave property, are keys to a general theory of natural organization..
    And because these quantum effects are the only experimental evidence from which one can justify and construct a hypothesis where enough details can can be justified and described of a distinct cause that can only be described from its effects as it acts constantly addition to all the forces.
    Such is a cause that, in Bohmian quantum mechnics, is called the quantum potential, and that acts constantly so that matter remains in its naturally organised forms as atoms, molecules and living organisms and despite the action of all the forces.

  5. I have a few issues with your terminology. First of all, the word ‘frequency’ is a very well defined term in physics. People who try to make metaphysics out of quantum physics often will use phrases like ‘on a higher frequency’, as you did. But that simply makes no sense. On a higher frequency has no meaning in physics. Well, it does, but it doesn’t mean what you intend it to mean. There is no nebulous idea of levels of frequencies. On a higher frequency would mean that there is something oscillating faster. Oscillating faster does not imply phantom phenomena. It does not make things mystical. It just means it jiggles faster. Being ‘on a higher frequency than light itself’ is nonsensical, because light can have any frequency. This entire notion is at odds with physics, makes no sense in physics, and is simply using words that you don’t understand in a way that you think sounds deep, despite being utterly nonsense.
    I have the same issue with your use of the word touch. There is no touch in quantum physics. There is interaction. And interaction is local. So if you want to call local interaction ‘touch’, you go for it. But you should realize that local interactions between quantum systems can occur in many many different ways, and depend on what the quantum systems are. Two atoms will interact in a different way than an atom and a photon. So you could call them all ‘touching’, but you would be oversimplifying the physics if you did that. You should also know that most times two atoms collide, you don’t get quantum states popping out. Getting useful quantum states is a much more delicate procedure than simply mushing two atoms together.
    Another issue I have is the idea of phantom limbs. A phantom limb occurs when you had a limb, it got cut off, and you still have sensation in it. This is a well documented phenomena in biology and it has to do with the brain being wired up to sense that limb, and then re-wiring after the amputation, but not completely removing the wiring structure that existed when the limb was originally there. So the brain gives confused signals as the new wiring and old wiring interact in odd ways. There is no analogy between that and quantum physics. There is no memory of things that have passed in physics. Physical systems do not have some extra location to store memories of any kind. A physical system only stores what currently is true. And there have been plenty of tests of ‘the memory’ of quantum systems, so it is well known what they ‘can remember’, which is not much. All this entanglement stuff works on the system in the state that it is currently in, not on the state that it used to be in. Entanglement is not a form of memory. A system becomes entangled locally, and then must be maintained in an entangled state until if you want to use it. So no, I do not see any connection between entanglement and phantom limbs.
    What it sounds like to me, is that you do not fully understand quantum physics. You know that there are some weird things that come up in quantum, so you have invented a picture and a set of terms that you use to make some sort of hand-wavy mystical metaphysical explanation. But if you knew more about quantum physics, you would know that it is better understood than you think it is. You would know that your hand-wavy ideas are at odds with what is already known. And you would know that your picture makes no sense and is not accurate.
    And to answer your last questions, there is no ghost information, there is no phantom limb information. There is only information and uncertainty. And all of weird stuff in quantum physics can be boiled down to information and uncertainty.


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