Quacks : do you think homeopathy or reiki can cure cancer or AIDS?

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old know all

Anyone claiming to have a cure for cancer or AIDS is certainly a quack. Has the Royal College of Physicians now decided they can walk on water? There is a range of therapies that can relieve the symptoms of cancer and AIDS and prolong the life of the patient. These include various drug regimes – allopathic and homoeopathic, as well as Reiki and acupuncture. But a cure – forget it.


It would help to sooth your mind but proper medication would probably be more effectively X


Personally, NO.
I think both can help the anxiety and symptoms caused by illnesses.
Chances are, there will be cures found one day. Furthermore, they’ll likely have a natural origin, i’e: plants/berries, something like that, etc;
That will be a happy day. Huge amounts of money are extending our knowledge on this subject however, worldwide.
In the meantime: due to my own illness, this is what I have found out regarding alternative/complementary therapies.
ACUPUNCTURE = Excellent for pain control. Although it needs to be regular sessions, (for me anyway but extremely effective).
HYPNOTHERAPY = Good mind management and retaining a positive outlook/.behaviour.
CHINESE HERBS = Good mineral/vitamin content. General well-being in often dire situations.
There’s definitely something in the natural therapies, I guess it depends on one’s personality too?
Hope this has given anyone a bit of info…and hope 🙂


No. It could help the persons mind to relax and accept perhaps.


Certainly that mother who sought alternative help for her son Danny helped his disease dissipate a little, but there is no other way sometimes, as in their case. A tumor cannot be helped w/ those alternative treatments. Cancer or aids cannot. However, it may assist in purifying the body, strengthening the immune system, ect. But it can only assist and there is no guarantee.


Cancer is a progressive ailment, as is AIDS. To cure either of these ‘diseases,’ you need to stop the growth — or progression — of them. In order to stop the progression of an ailment, you need to find the cause.
Fortunately, there are intelligent people out there who do know the cause. Simply removing an affected subject from the cause of the ‘disease’ (progressive ailment) will allow for the body to pick up and expel anything it eventually neutralizes. Remember to think logically; don’t let others think for you.
Also, while many people here are indeed “quacks,” the belief that cancer and AIDS can be cured is native to the experienced as well as the “quack.”
And remember, children, take your emotional issues to your nearest pharmacy! (Not to your nearest troll hotspot.)


If the person wants to get better, they can – THEY have the power. As a practicing healer I have seen people cure themselves of these diseases.
There is nothing I can do if they don’t want to do it, but if they do, then nothing gets in the way of a skilled healer coupled with self responsibility.
Yes, there are quacks, and there are genuine professionals. Just as there are in every trade. Fight for your limits and you get to keep them.


Well look at it this way, people who die from AIDS/HIV made the choice to have unprotected sex, or rather were in a situation that made it possible the list can go on. The point is if doctor’s found a cure then they would not be making money off of the people, so therefore the cure is secretly put away and stored. Never to be brought into the open.


Wow. Great question Michael. It is always fun to see some ridiculous reponses and there are some serious quack answers here. Stuff like this makes me laugh and cry at the same time.
So homeopathy or reiki will boost the immune system and that will help your body defeat HIV? Does anyone here even know what HIV/AIDS is? The virus specifically targets and destroys an integral part of the immune system. A dysfunctional immune system is not gonna recover because your mind is “soothed” by quack remedies. The only thing you can do is take an antiviral drug cocktail and hope modern medicine can keep the virus in check.
I love the conspiracy theorists about AIDS. The government created HIV to kill black people or homosexual people or whoever. Our government must be a hell of a lot more competent than I thought. The same idiots who run the DMV can create HIV? Don’t think so.
Cancer and AIDS are progressive diseases. Good job! The goal of chemo or antiviral treatment is to first stop the progression and then reverse it, this is called remission. The cause of cancer is damaged DNA. Once the DNA is damaged, you can’t fix it, you can only kill it. Chemo, radiation, and surgery all seek to get at the root of the problem: killing or removing the bad cells from the body. In the case of HIV/AIDS, drugs reduce the amount of HIV in the body. Modern medicine does treat the cause of the disease. What does homeopathy do? It injects water into people.
Finally, power healing. Not only is it ridiculous, it is insulting. If I understand correctly, the idea of this quackery is that if you want to get better, you will get better. This logic indicates that chronically ill people do not wish to get better. I think this idea goes beyond quackery and is just plain sick. If doctors could cure everyone, they would. That is why they are doctors. Power healers claim to be able to heal just by thinking about it and having the patient think about it. Why not go heal everyone? Because they can’t. They can’t heal a single damn person, yet they insist on tricking people away from medicine that works.


Reiki: no. Homeopathy: no. Herbal Medicine: possibilities there. For the guy who does not believe at all… My husband was diagnosed with terminal cancer many moons ago. After a nine year battle against cancer, his doctor cut him loose and told him to go home and die. We’d been doing it their way for nine years. And his disease only progressed under conventional medicine practices. With my degree and knowledge in natural health, we decided to do it OUR way. He took one herb. Guess what. He’s still alive. He went from barely able to breathe or walk, to building a travel trailer and working his butt off. A coincidence? I think not.
More Information to answer some people: Agreed, there is spontaneous healing. That could be involved in any case of healing from any disease. The herb I mention has been studied, and I mean seriously studied, and in other countries, it is a treatment for cancer, just not in America. It has been shown in laboratory studies that it kills certain types of cancers, and it kills these cancers quickly. Now some pharmaceutical companies are on the bandwagon and trying to turn it into a new, expensive chemotherapy, but the only way to do that is to extract some of the compounds, separate them out, and patent it, so they can charge huge amounts of money for it. Cancer in the U. S. is big business. They could have found better treatments long ago. To suggest that an herb has no such healing properties is absurdity, and it is uneducated, and short-sighted. Where do you think aspirin came from? A chemical? It came from white willow bark. Egads!!! That’s a…gasp…plant. Do you people even realize that indigenous people all over the planet have been using herbs for centuries????


“Simply removing an affected subject from the cause of the ‘disease’ (progressive ailment) will allow for the body to pick up and expel anything it eventually neutralizes.”
Good grief, what a load of rubbish!
Cassys: Sometimes, people with cancer do get well of their own accord, it can happen. I’m afraid that apportioning that to a herb is about as likely as saying that “we painted our front door red, it cured his cancer” also being correct.
Was it a coincidence? Yes, it was. Was it down to your knowledge? I’m afraid it wasn’t. You don’t know how to cure cancer or even where to start thinking about a cure. Best of luck to your husband all the same.

nittur g

Do you think modern medicine guarantees to cure Cancer and Aids?
No, No therapies has guaranteed to cure the diseases Aids and Cancer. But every therapy had has its own methodology, prominence, potential, soothing effects to do some benefits to the benefit of the ills. Abusing others or other systems is nothing but not understanding it properly and Thinking that we are only great, we only do things right , we only got ability seeing ourselves in one side of this universe not seeing the other side what is there. Like the old proverb says: when one point a finger to something/someone, remaining four fingers pointing him/himself.
good luck and best wishes not to be a quack in search of an intelligence


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