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Qigong/ Taichi: How can I hold this standing position for longer?

I practice a standing meditation as part of my taichi practice. I’m supposed to hold it for 15 minutes straight each side, but my shoulders get seriously achy and I usually let my arms go down after about 6 or 7 minutes. I’ve been told just to do it a lot, but I’m not getting better at holding it. Any suggestions?


  • try going through any form nomater how much you know even though your arms are moving it will increase the amount of time you can hold your arms up. also try to focus on releasin your arms when they get achy and it may help you out a little.

  • Well, as my sifu said to me when I said my arms were sore: “So? Just do it.”

    Taichi takes patience. Practise Every Day and it will happen

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