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Qigong, Tai Chi, Chi Kung, etc.?

I would like to learn about the above named practices as an alternative to meditation and as a means of getting outside my own head. I’ve read that these practices should not be attempted on your own because you could do yourself a mischief. I do not have access to an English-speaking instructor so my only option other than books is a DVD.
I looked to see what is available through amazon, what is there isn’t very helpful because there are no briefs to explain the DVD and/or the practitioner. I don’t want a gimmicky DVD, I wouldn’t even consider Tai Chi by David Carradine. He is an actor not an expert on Eastern philosophies.
I want to order “An Introduction To Tai Chi Chi Kung by Lucy Lloyd-Barker because five people use it and consider it to be a good starting point also, it doesn’t become annoying. Does anyone have experience with using this DVD and have you benefited from using it? If not, any recommendations?


  1. I studied Tai Chi under an instructor for a year, but before I was able to study under an instructor I tried buying books and videos.
    Based on my experience it seems that videos are great and books simply complement the videos. I’ve noticed that from the several videos I’ve purchased they all seem to have the same consistency. You learn some stretching, breathing, possibly mind and then the actual forms.
    If you purchase the video, you’ll basically get the something similar. You may not get everything that you want, but if it’s an intro video, then what you learn will probably be more physical aspects than the mental. It’s a good starting point and once you get the forms down, then the mental would be a next step.
    Keep in mind that there are various styles of Tai Chi. The most popular and most likely ones you’ll learn from videos will be either the Yang short or long forms or the 24 forms. The intro video may go into that ane explain the differences.
    In any case if you are interested in a deeper study of Tai Chi from a martial arts/mediation point of view then I’ve provided some links that may be helpful and may have a wider selection than amazon.

  2. “..as an alternative to meditation and as a means of getting outside my own head.”
    I would strongly recommend to check out The Way Of Energy by- Master Lam Kam -Chuen. This is the real deal, the true path to internal strength. If you want to get deep check out Yang Jwing- Ming Root of Chinese Qigong. This dude actually has got a cool website with authentic videos for beginners to advanced.Check out Eight Simple Qigong excercises on Amazon.

  3. you are right about david carradine as he used to beat his pretty wife barbara hershey. Study taoism, do transcendental meditation(deepok chopra does) and excersize tai chi instructers can usually be found at local colleges. stay on the path

  4. Personally I’d recommend learning and practicing Qigong. Have you ever tried learning Tai chi from a book? Working out how to get from one pattern to the next can really melt your brain!
    Qigong is much easier to learn, though I’d still recommend DVD over book learning. A picture paints a 1000 words, well a video with 25 frames per second = 25 000 words by that reckoning.
    If you can learn direct from a teacher that’s always going to be best, but failing that find yourself a good DVD or home study course.
    There are a couple out there.


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