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Qigong like Mr. Miagee? Heated Hands like Infrared heat?

I had a friend who had been in martial arts a looong time and once did this heat/muscle thing where he put his hands together, briskly rubbed them together and applied his hands to my forearm. It felt like infrared heat – it wasn’t from the friction. It was very warm (close to being hot) and went down into the muscle and spread outward from there. Years later told me it was from practice of Qigong.
It was almost identical to what Mr.Miagee did in the Karate Kid after the kid got an injury or something.
Anyone know what this is and how to learn it? I do reiki and am
familiar with healing energies but this was in a different category completely.
It wasn’t the friction. It was an energetic thing. Don’t laugh. Watch Karate Kid will you? Geez… Haha!
He didn’t rub my muscle or in anyway masage my arm.
Follow: rub hands together. Stop. Rest hands not moving on arm. Leave for about 7 seconds. Lift off. Energy feeling stays in my arm for awhile. He did not massage anything. All he did was touch my arm.


  1. lol it was friction and him rubbing his hands on ur muscle …. dude theres no such thing as anything but massage…. theres no magical cure…… ok but im just saying i seen the movie… its not magic its just massage… i have no idea wth that it… theres no such thing as “healing energy” but watever….i just tried it on my leg… ok all u do is rub extremely fast and press onto the limb, i held 7 seconds and my leg was still warm… my leg had been sore all day and ya it feels a lil better… no art to it

  2. There are a number of good Qigong books. Look for some of the books by Yang Jwing-Ming. There are several different varieties of Qigong, but basically Qigong is sort of like yoga from the standpoint of Chinese Martial Arts.
    Since reiki is originally from Tibet (though the name is Japanese and it has been spread from there), the energies are quite different from those used in Qigong.

  3. I have studied Qigong and other forms of internal martial arts from China, but it surprises me that your friend did something that benefited you in this manner. Being familiar with Reiki, I would have thought you would experience this in your practicing, but from my experience, Qigong is for self-cultivation of chi/ki, not necessarily to pass on to somebody else!
    I’ll have to follow this question now myself to see what others come up with!


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