qigong jing internal power, is it of any use besides in taichi fighting?

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does internal power make u run faster, or is it only for explosive power? remember, running is about lung capacity, not kidney’s energy level, about oxygen, not chi or jing

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It is all bunk. Watch one mixed martial art fight and you will see that.

Big Foot

Having Chi won’t mean your strong and being strong wont mean your healthy, just like being able to do a quadriple sumersult won’t mean your a good fighter and being a good fighter wont mean you can juggle and juggling wont mean you can drive a car….


More profoundly, it strengthens your “MOJO”!
It develops the ability to “retain the essence”, aka – control your ejaculation.
Your chi increases when you “absorb yin chi” – which is what the woman releases during orgasm.
The male genitalia are governed by Yang Chi and the woman’s by Yin Chi.
You can become multi-orgasmic… oh yes! NON-EJACULATORY!!! 🙂
That alone is enough for me. DO IT!!!
On the MA’s aspect, you become extremely powerful.
Trust me!
And by the way… Chi means oxygen!

Aaron J

If you’re asking us about it you don’t need to explain to us what to remember as we are going to give you the answer or advice.
That said, it will not make you run faster. Jing literally means essence and there are many types of essence.
The explosive nature of it that you are asking about is most commonly known as fa jing (vibrational energy). There are many stages of movement stemming from Fa Li which is the big movements such as a lunging punch, and Fa Shen which there is no movement.
If you practice Qigong regularly you will improve your body’s overall health and quality. One thing would in fact be the O2 conversion in your lungs and the health of the red blood cells carrying the O2 to the muscles and organs. You will also improve the health of your marrow which is the blood factory. The list goes on and on of the improvements Qigong makes as well as the prevention it can perform.
It is not something that you can do for a day here and there, it is a must that you practice everyday all day to truely recieve the benefits of the practice. As well as the level of understanding must be on par or above your current practice. If not you can severely injure yourself.


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