Home Discussion Forum Q: Wouldn’t you say that all religions technically are defined as mythology?

Q: Wouldn’t you say that all religions technically are defined as mythology?

Q: Just because mythology is about lots of gods and they are said to be myths… why is it that most religions are not also considered myths? What is so different about myth vs. “possible” fact?
Q: Are there any living prophets today? Or miracles?
Q: I have heard that the original New Testament was first written in Greek. How is it that people choose to believe books compose of all this controversial historical analysis, and overlook Greek/Roman mythology?
Mythology is defined as something like cultural importance, stories conveyed by meanings with aspects of the real world experience such as: politically, socially, interpretation, intervention, individual experiences with a universal perspective, ceremonies, and prophesies. All of which is defined as mythology; which then leads to Pagan Theology. The following categories of pagan religion: Chinese Folk religions, Shinto, Primal Tribal religions (African), Shamanism, American Indian Spirituality, Afro-American Spiritism, a
You say that………..These were once the stories of the faiths of old. The faiths of our anscestors….
Couldn’t we say the same about the Torah, Bible, or Quran? No offense to anyone I’m just asking? Many people believe that all mankind starts from Adam…. What makes mythology any different?


  1. No, I disagree. Buddhism isn’t about Divine beings whose powers are so great that all you have to do is be devoted to them, so you don’t have to work on self-improvement you just have to be in the ‘right club’. Modern spiritual seekers view such mythological stories as metaphors. It’s only the extremists, mostly into Middle Eastern faiths, who see their mythologies as Absolute Truth. The mass of Roman Christians were the huge population of slaves who weren’t allowed into the nice, marble temples and whose lives were filled with suffering. Romans respected Greek teachings and that might have been a way to smuggle the teachings of their subvertive death cult into the capitol. Let’s go back to talking about a more global view, and leave extremism behind. Wisdom is where you find it, and what you can make of it. That’s why the metaphor has value. There could be hidden importance, or you could decide it has value. Whatever works for the individual. Also, please keep in mind, mythology = ancient theology. These were once the stories of the faiths of old. The faiths of our anscestors, not extremist death cults from a dry, dusty land.

  2. Hebrews 11:1 Faith is the assured expectation of things hoped for, the evident demonstration of realities though not beheld.
    Either you got it, or you don’t. But these days I don’t know how anyone knows anything with out the statement above. (TV, News Papers, Internet, etc.) At some point you take someones word for it! Or else do the news reporting for your self; the scientific experiments, the archeology, etc.

  3. Assalamualaikum dear friend,
    I’ve to begin with what has being taught by our the last massanger of God, Muhammad Rasulallah S.A.W. I was once studied the comparetive religion in one of the university. If you want to know more about religion, you have to read esp. Al-Quran without prejudice of course. As you know, all of us come from Adam and God created Adam to become His khalifah or the one oppointed by God to look after the earth and its inhabitants . In order not to be influanced by Iblis/setan ( Devil as you say it) He gave Adam guidance usually through Jibril A.S. (angel) or nowdays will call it “down load” intution direct to his heart .The rule of the law is very simple since there were not many people , only Adam , his wife ( Hawa or Eve) and their children. The command by God is worship nothing but God and keep distand from “Thaghut”
    ( anything against the command of God is called thaghut) . In other words , don’t follow any other rules but the commond of God. Thus, Adam was himself oppointed as a massanger of God and Nabi ( Massenger or Rasul – Given the rules of law/book and Nabi- appointed by God ,follow the role of law given to Rasul and acted as consultant after the demise of Rasul . Every Rasul is Nabi and not other wise). Thus God have sent down 313 Rasul and 124,000 Nabi or Ambia (plural of Nabi). The mission is the same ,” worship nothing but God, and never follow thaghut”. All massanger of God sent down by God to thier own people/kin only ,right from Adam to Jesus A.S except the last massenger of God,Muhammad S.A.W. , he was sent to all human beings as what He said in AlQuran ” As a blessing to the univers”. And he is the last Nabi as well . God would not sand down any Nabi any more after him. Thus, religion is divided by two, ie one heavenly religion, such as Jewis , Christian and the last one , Islam ( come from one source the true God) and the other is mythology- man made religion mix with metos , tales of their for fathers etc. The rules of law being imposed during each Rasul was valid during their time untill God sent another Rasul, unless the next Rasul reaffirm that part of the rule of the previous Rasul was still enforced, otherwise it was considered as supersided by the new law/rules. This is what happen when God sent Jesus to his people. Jesus said I came not to abolish what has been given to you by Moses but to give you some leaway/mild with regards to rules . ( Old Tastement or as we call it Taurat is very strict with regards to rules as compared to new tastement or anjil as we call it). AS for Al-Quran, given to Muhammad S.A.W. is considered the last tastement send down by God . The God or Allah in Arabic,He said in this book ” we sent down this Al-Quran and we take care of it” from human adultration, as what happened to the previous books sent down by God. The Al-Quran is considered the last mericles, written in original words of Arabic , and never in conflict with science. If you see both of your palms , you will see that He love us, He even put His brand in numbres 99 (Arabic numbers ) (81+18= 99 , His names or we call it Asmaa’ Husna) on our palm . God will never fail those who sicerely seeking Him. Amin.


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