Q for all u reincarnation believers out there?





so u believe in reincarnation right?
Well how will we do that in 5.2 billion years when mr. sunshine explodes?? and we’ll ALL be dead…Where do our souls go then?
Although the human race will probably be eliminated by then based on where we’re headed now…
So what’s ur response? im curious 2 know, im doin this cuz im bored.


  1. who said we are the only life forms?
    who said we have to be human?
    remember, we can reincarnate into any living thing, not any living thing only on earth 🙂

  2. Keep in mind that there are many other planets with life. My last life wasn’t on earth; if they don’t find a way to achieve eternal life, it’s entirely possible my next one won’t be here either.

  3. I don’t know.
    If there is a soul, reincarnation makes the most sense to me as far as an afterlife goes… but that doesn’t mean I claim to know how the cycles of life and the universe work.
    You could say that energy can’t be made or destroyed, it only changes forms… and so the energy that is our souls must have been here before the big bang, so they’ll end up somewhere else after the end of this Universe… and time will march on.
    Frankly I don’t think humans will be eliminated by then, as the threat to our existance from things like global warming are highly exaggerated… so I wouldn’t be surprised if by then we were able to travel to other galaxies, taking our souls with us.

  4. That is not hard to explain at all… We reincarnate all over the Universe, not just here on Earth… If the human race is wiped out tomorrow, all it means to us is that we can no longer reincarnate on the Planet Earth as a human… Apart from the entire Universe at our disposal there are infinite dimensions which we also reincarnate into…
    The human experience is just where some of us are right now, some of us have reincarnated here many, many times before, since Lemuria, aka Mu… For others this is their first time here…
    We are immortal in the true sense of the word, we are “Light Beings” which have been around since the birth of the 1st Universe, we are now in the 3rd, and we never ever die, using our meaning of that word…
    I will give you the title of an interesting book to read if you are interested, it’s called ~~Keepers of the Garden~~ (An Extra-Terrestrial Document) by Dolores Cannon… Dolores Cannon is a regression therapist and in this book she documents one mans’ past lives throughout the Universe, very interesting reading…
    In Light… )O(

  5. Linear time is an illusion according to Einstein and many other scientific and spiritual leaders. Even though we live through many lifetimes, they are all happening simultaneously from a higher cosmic perspective. It is a little hard to wrap your brain around, but to answer your question, our souls all originally came from God (or original creative source, or whatever you want to call it) and that is where they eventually return.
    The Hindus believed that the there were “yugas” in time, and that the universe was created over an over again, in a cyclical way, so just because the sun explodes doesn’t mean the end of all time, just the end of this time.

  6. I was here before the sun came into being — so were you — and we’ll be here after this particular little yellow star explodes. Enlarge your view. You are a fragment of the vast, endless and eternal energy of the Cosmos. You always existed, in some form or another, and will always exist.

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