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Pyschic and auras?

So I have a friend and every time I’m around her I will frequently say what she’s thinking, before she says it, or I’ll be able to tell what she’s thinking about etc. She, on the other hand, can always tell which hand I’m hiding something (a rock, quarter, etc) in, because she says she can see energy and how energy works (like auras and such). Question is this: Are these traits possible? (ie do they exist) and if so, Then how can one cultivate them? Serious answers only please.
Ok guys I’m not retarded. I know the 50% probability, and I know that if you know a person well enough you can draw conclusions based on previous experiences. Thing is, I’ve only been hanging out with her a couple times a week, for the past month…that’s not long enough to know the person well, or at least well enough, to arrive at what she’s thinking about. Besides, shes not the only person I have said what they were thinking, just the person I can do it with the most often.
and to answer vaan. I’m not playing head games to get the answer that I think my friend is thinking. I don’t even know how to do that lol. It’s just that I say things that she wants to say, before she says them….on random subjects. For example we are walking in an outside mall, with tons of distractions and I say “I like the red on that person’s shirt” and she says “I was just about to say that…” etc.
Lol good point mousetrip. I didn’t think of that. Hmm I’ll have to try to test it now.


  1. If you watch carefully, you’ll find that what you’re describing here does not actually happen. You’re convincing yourself of these things because you want to believe them, but in fact they’re not true.

  2. “Are these traits possible? (ie do they exist) and if so, Then how can one cultivate them?”
    My Answers: Yes and Practice, it comes easier with time & practice

  3. Yes they are real though i have never met someone with that strong of power. Never the less yes. You should look this stuff up online and try it out. But stay away from occult and Spirits.

  4. “can always tell which hand I’m hiding something”
    She can go head to head with 50% probability? MAGIC IS AFOOT.
    I have a friend and I know what she’s thinking. It’s because I know her and previous experience allows me to build a hypothetical system in my brain of her responses and pick the most probably one.
    Unless you have a small receiver in your brain that extracts electrical signals specifically from her brain. No.

  5. If one accepts a priori the twin assumptions that A) there is a God and B) we are created in His image, then your abilities become perfectly normal.
    On the human level you are showing forth that which God can do on the divine level.
    As for HOW to train it, I have found that a program of Hatha Yoga, Pranayama breathing, Tai Chi and deep meditation are helpful. Takes about an hour a day and there’s no vacation or holidays. It’s every single day.
    E-mail me.

  6. There’s no such things as psychics, just people who play really, really good head games. They use certain techniques that analyze the movements of the body. You can actually get really close to predicting the truth or even the truth using this technique. You can even “read minds” it’s all just about figuring things out. As for learning, it’s a very well kept secret and I wouldn’t know how to go about learning this, sorry.

  7. you can catch pictures of a persons aura with special equipment. and i do this all the time with ppl im close with, reading each others minds. all existence is energy and energy has a wavelength. if you tune into your friends ‘energy’ then your literally on some crazy sci fi semi-telepathic stuff. interact with your friend and focus on them a lot. superconscious ppl get so in tune with everything they become apart of it. this is way extreme though. (christ, buddah.)

  8. “Ok guys I’m not retarded. ”
    No, I’m sure you’re not. You’re simply mistaken. If you were to actually put this “trait” to the test, you’d find that you weren’t doing anything supernatural, but rather simply failing to notice that you’re wrong as much as you are right when stating anything that isn’t obvious.
    That’s perfectly normal: almost everyone does something of that sort. But if you want to see if you have special powers, you’ve got to put them to the test, and you haven’t done so – you’re just assuming that you’ve got them.


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