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Pursuit of happiness? I think not.?

What is with American’s problems and the War on Drugs? Why exactly does America ban the use of drugs in the first place? Do you honestly believe it’s because it “protects” us? Do we not have a right to the pursuit of happiness if it entails the use of ethnogenic substances? What makes it ok for Bush to have done coke, but not ok for me to buy some damn cold medicine without my ID present? I think this country need to rethink its policies when it comes to the lighter drugs i.e. Marijuana, Psilocybin, LSD, and other more “spiritual awakening” substances. This question is more directed to the hallucinogenic/dissociative ethnogenic drugs and not towards opiates, pcp, and meth/coke/ and the likes.


  1. I would say the problem with LSD is that it stays in your system and you can retrip at any time. This could be rather inconvinient and even dangerous to people around you when it randomly happens. As for the others, don’t know what some of them are and Marijuana makes you stupid. Believe me I have known many people who have done pot and they all become stupid. Don’t know if that is really enough to make it illegal but whatever.

  2. I have never taken any drugs, ever. But I partially agree what you said. I think the law was meant to protect minors so that our kids would not become drug addicts. I have the similar question asked before: why we ban drugs but not cigarettes? Do you have the answer for this one too? I want to know.

  3. wow dude cowabonga! Sorry I am too busy raising a family and working 12 hours a day to help you in your quest for drug induced spiritual awakening. But you know yourself out ya hear?

  4. The War On Drugs has more to do with keeping people of color behind bars than it has to do with drugs. Please check the stats on who goes to prison on drug charges, and who goes to therapy. Rush Limbaugh said people convicted of selling or using drugs “should be thrown in jail and toss the key away”….until he got caught. Did he go to jail ? Would the ghetto kid have gotten therapy or done hard time. The War On Drugs is just the next firehosing, flogging, lynching….by legal means.

  5. How and the heck can you justify legalized drugs ! Our society is messed up enough without introducing mind altering as a legal way of life. As far as smoking taxes is the only thing that keeps it legal. It may be a health risk , but, it does not have mind altering effects with it. Alcohol used in moderation is not a health risk. Only when used in excess does it have effects on the mind. Drugs on the other hand at even small quantities can effect the mind permanently. The struggle we have is stopping the imported drugs into our nation.

  6. The government makes drugs illegal so THEY can have a MONOPOLY on the business. It was not long after the feds launched their massive “war on drugs” campaign that teenagers and other unsuspecting people wandered in on police guarded CIA drug deals taking place…needless to say they are not alive to tell the story. It has been documented, and admitted that the CIA brought drugs into this country and sold them. But nobody gives a shit…the media is controlled by the same people that sell the drugs. The populace is too comfortable to worry their pretty little heads!
    Should drugs like pot be illegal? No…it is laughable for any educated person to possibly think that it is acceptable to outlaw marijuana and make alcohol legal. There is no proven research that pot does any brain damage, that it impacts the genes and reproductive organs. Yet there is definite proof that alcohol not only causes brain damage, but can infact kill you! Pot cannot kill you…there has even been recent studies that suggested that there is absolutely no link between smoking pot and lung cancer! A human being simply cannot overdose on pot, but a person can easily drink themselves to death…and they do.
    There have been suggestions that the reason some drugs are illegal has its roots in racism. When white men…whos drug of choice was alcohol, discovered a people that smoked a strange herb or ate a fungus…that seemed wrong to them. And even today there are many people around the world who think smoking pot or taking mushrooms is terribly wrong but drinking is perfectly fine.
    Racism was the sole tool of the advocates to make pot illegal in this country in the first place. They would spread propaganda saying that if a black man were to smoke the reefer…he would go crazy and start raping and stealing. They couldn’t convice the majorty of white people that pot was really bad because a lot of them knew people who smoked it, and they were perfectly normal upstanding citizens. They just convinced them that if black people smoked it…they would go insane…..and that unfortunately was enough to do the trick.
    If you walked down the street and asked people if they think pot should be legal…i wouldn’t be suprised if 50 or 60% of the people you asked said yes. I think we are moving beyond the ignorance and starting to look at facts. I personally would rather have a lot of people getting stoned, and alcohol be illegal.
    Think about it…that jerk screaming at the team at the last sporting event you went to…was he stoned or drunk? The asshole at the bar who tried to start a fight with you…was he a stoner or a drunk? If all the drunks in this country became stoners…it would honstly be a much better place!!

  7. The American government is indeed becoming intrusive to people’s lives. I believe they seek every excuse to control its citizens.
    Regarding drugs becoming legal, I certainly agree that there are many now illegal drugs that are no more dangerous than cigarettes and alcohol. If they can allow cigarettes and alcohol to be legal, why not the others? I believe that in time, it will come to this as you simply cannot fill the prisons up with people that use drugs. Fill up the prisons with people that impair society such as murderers and child molesters and the like.


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