puppy health?

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I have a ten week old pup, it has developed a problem with its eye. The third eyelid is going across the eye,also she seems to have problem with her jaw, keeps turning her head to the side when yawning? any ideas?

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naughty girl

I think you should you should try to wash his eyes with clean warm water and still if it doesn’t work so i think you must see a doctor for the puppy.
Best Wishes for your puppy..

Chris H

Take it to the vet m8


Not real sure on the yawning thing, but as far as the eyes go, you should definitly take it to the vet so they can check it out, could be anything from an infection to a serious injury in the eye.


turning her head when yawning is normal and as for the eye problem id wash it out with salt water twice a day if this does not improve go see a vet it could mean conjunctavitis and can be sorted with some eye drops good luck

erika h

I suggest you take the pup to the vets. sounds like the 3rd eyelid is inflamed and puppy Will need eye drops for that. It’s quite normal for puppies to tilt their heads when yawning. but get the vet to check her ears and jaw when your there. I don’t advise you leave this too long, the longer you leave it the worse it will get for poor puppy and the more it’ll cost you

denise m

must be seen by the vet!!!!


get her to the vets and get her checked out.


VET efore it looses an eye could be a number of things


she may have a eye infection take her to the vets and get her checked out


You need to take this puppy to the vet ASAP to check on this. Do not let this get worse. when puppies get sick they need immediate medical care.


Babies can get cherry eye.
I had two sisters that had cherry eye. at 12 weeks had the cherry eye and the spay done all at once. Wonderful babies.


what breed is your dog?


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