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Public service announcement for the RHH section…?

Instant Karma! aka Duff Man aka Otto got suspended today, *sad face*. I almost had 600 best answers and 1000 stars. I’m appealing it because the reason for the suspension isn’t clear, I think it’s for “chatting.”
Well, I’m still gonna be around but my footprint will be less now.
A couple questions:
1. Kidz in the Hall or Cool Kids?
2. Method Man or Redman?
3. Beanie Sigel or Freeway?
Probably like 80 violations, LOL, but I won my appeals for about half of them. Hopefully I win this one…
lightworks is Duff Man…


  1. 1. Cool Kids, i like their style of music more
    2. Method Man, i’m just a big Wu-Tang Clan fan in general
    3. Freeway, only because i dont listen to a lot of Beanie Sigel, or Roc-A-Fella for that matter

  2. kids in the hall
    How many violations do they give before they suspend anyway?
    yo i’m like 0-10 in appeals lol, blew E-trial on all of them.

  3. 1. Don’t know who either group are.
    2. “What the blood clot?” Wu-Tang all day! So I gotta go Method Man.
    3. Don’t really care for either one, but if I forced to pick, it would Beanie Seagal. Freeway’s voice is hard to take.

  4. Damn man. That sucks so hard. I was a TC in the Religion section on my second account there, but got suspended because some fundies can’t take a joke. >: (
    1. Kidz in the Hall.
    2. Meth.
    3. Probably Beanie Sigel.

  5. That really sucks man… but with the amount of time you spend on here, I’m sure you’ll get to Level 5 within two weeks =P
    1. The Cool Kids
    2. M-E-T-H-O-D Mann
    3. Freeway

  6. That sucks I get like 6 violations a day.
    And a lot of my questions get deleted wonder why I haven’t been suspended…
    1.Cool kids


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