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PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT: All Metaphysical People?

(Over 61,542 participants, thus far)
Will you participate?
(Notice that I got today from someone at WitchVox)
Sept 21st/ Wear Your Purple Ribbon”
“All practitioners of the Metaphysical, of Earth religions, Wicca, Shamanism, Druidry, Celtic, Paganism of all traditions & Magickal Paths, we are being encouraged to wear a purple ribbon as a way of promoting religious tolerance of all types.
On Sept. 21st all Metaphysical Traditions, Pagans & Witches alike are going to wear purple ribbons so everyone will know who others are.
You can buy a purple ribbon anywhere at your local craft store, Wal-Mart, etc. Profess your faith with gladness in your heart!!! Pass this message on to your metaphysical friends…”
If you are not metaphysical or if you are not TOLERANT, there is no need for you to respond.
Your intolerance, one day will not be tolerated by anyone……..
It’s not necessarily about the Equinox, it’s more about ‘religious freedom’…


  1. How tolerant would people be if I removed the offending item from anyone I saw wearing it?
    Religion is the scourge of the planet and an affront to civilisation. It needs to be consigned to history, not tolerated.

  2. That those practicing ‘Metaphysical Traditions’ need to be informed on where to buy purple ribbon…..in it self is a statement.

  3. Its a fantastic thing to do – This ribbon campaign has been going on for years now. Its such a neat thing to be going about your daily business on the 21st and see purple ribbons on folks you’ve never met before! I’ll be there, with ribbons on!

  4. ahhh blessed be, the goddess bless this idea. i will wear a purple ribbon. i like this, the color purple is always a symbol of sprirituality and a ribbon is symbol of peace and love.
    a cross even though they say it is a symbol of the love of god and jesus. i look at it and all i see is a man wounded, tortured, desicrated, mutilated, and crucified all of this is the highest level of violence ever imagined and all this violence is thier symbol of love, is it any wonder why the last 2000 years have been the most violent in the history of earth?
    hope this helps

  5. I too have recieved an overwhelming amount of email regarding this event from metaphysical leaders around the globe. Many emails from all types of religious backgrounds as well.
    It is also being posted in some of the yahoo groups that support the metaphysical community.
    I know many that we be bearing the ribbon on the 21st! We should all up hold the right to worship as we choose. That’s what wearing the ribbon is really about…”Freedom”…

  6. Equinox again, eh. The thin line between. Now it’s ribbons, purple at that. Interesting. I participate all year, I do not understand what is to be accomplished by this gesture; on this day. Ah, so we’ll all know each other. Should we? Perhaps we could all go to a party together, bit of dancing; buffet refreshments; and an open bar. Yet it strikes me that we’re two days off Equinox with this date, Rosh Hashanah is the twenty third as is Equinox this year. The twenty first is a Thursday I believe, the twenty third a Saturday; a much better mix of day and date; oh yes; much better for this kind of thing. This would certainly be something anyone in the know would know. I think not, I shall not participate. Thank you for asking this question; regardless.

  7. How is this a question? I mean, I’ll do it, and I’ll tell other pagans about it, but this doesn’t require a response. And a source would be appreciated, a link to the original.


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