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Psychology: Do we actually have a soul?

Please watch this video:

Short description about the video:
this video is about a guy called “bipolarorwakingup”.
-He tries to tell us that bipolar and psychosis are a course of healing..But not in the realistic sense of the word. He likes to call it “spiritual enlightenment”. what he means is that everyone has an ego and a soul(?). The ego (our conciense) tempts to repress any soulful expressions or emotions And the soul wants to be free to express itself (according to him). But what if we don’t have a soul? Does that mean his video is wrong and he’s talking bullsh*t n?..or do you think his video is right and that we DO have a soul which is in conflict with the ego and if the ego represses the soul and we get depressed, or otherwise when the soul overcomes the ego , we go in a state of psychosis? Is this video of any value at all, if we don’t even know for certain that we have a soul or not?


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  2. I don’t really know. I always thought that we did, but I recently thought about what might happen if you were to do a brain transplant.
    And another question that came through this is, are we born with personalities or not? Our brain could make our personality based on what we are exposed to. Or, if we have a soul, we could of had it all along.

  3. No one REALLY knows for sure. Anyone who says they do know DOESN’T know what they’re talking about.. You can either believe we do, or believe we don’t. I think it’s a comforting thought to think we do, but doesn’t make it true. Honestly, we probably don’t. But who knows, not me. It’s like saying there is a God. No one has ever died, gone to heaven and came back to tell the story. It’s just not possible to say it does or doesn’t exist.
    Basically, just believe what you want.. heh.. maybe NOTHING is real. What is real? It’s up to your interpretation.


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