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Psychics/clairvoyants am I meant to stay forever single ?

Hello , I’ve consulted a couple of psychics on my love life and they said I’d meet someone this year .Now the year is so close to ending and haven’t met anyone . I’ve just waited so long to find someone special in my life . I think it’s just normal to be worried . I’m not someone with low self esteem or mean . I just don’t understand why it’s taking so long for me to find someone . Am I not ready to meet thr right guy ? Everyday I lose a bit of hope .

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  1. there are loads of single people looking for someone so maybe you are not looking in the right places, online dating is very popular, I know of several successful couples who have met this way. Good luck.

  2. Your problem is that you’ve listened to fake psychics (btw they are all fake) and based on their advice you are expecting a guy to fall into your lap. You need to get out there and meet some people, go to some events that guys like such as football, motor racing, car shows and such.

  3. I guess some of us are meant to be single. Thank goodness celibacy is a virtue. I would enjoy companionship in my later years, but it looks like grand kids are out. My cat doesn’t seem to mind…
    Church has been very kind to me, but I haven’t found a wife. One lady I wanted to marry years ago disappeared on me, (I think her father interfered, no proof), and with the ups and downs in my life over the years, perhaps she was spared some of the ‘worses’.
    Best wishes to you, and keep praying.

  4. nobody should tell you who your going to meet or when due to the fact that then your waiting for every sign of it and wasting your time instead of letting things happen as they are meant to ,you wrote your own destination anyway so wait for when you thought it would be right

  5. Instead of looking for it, just let it happen. Most people look too hard, and they don’t find the right person. When you meet the right person, you’ll know. =)

  6. Look around at all the guys you see everywhere you go. Then examine your image of the “right guy”. See any matches or someone who might be just as “right”? Do you know where your kind of guy hangs out? If you do, then you have to find out more and see how things look. That’s the hard part, but people do it every day and sometimes it pays off. Other times it could open your eyes as to what’s really best for you. Either way the chances of meeting someone you’re compatible with are better if you do a little prowling. Try to do a little more looking and being looked at if you want to meet some guys you might like! You won’t be forever single unless you choose to be.

  7. Yeah.. you are just looking at this the wrong way
    While you are on this search to acquire true love, you are growing as an individual, you are finding out hands on what you are really looking for, what you can and can not put up with and what is right for you.
    Not to mention at the end of this quest you will find that you are not the person you were when you started your travels. In actuality you have grown and became more worthy to accept love.
    The search was never an outward action looking for love but rather a search of self discovery and molding of you own personality.
    read this blog to find out more…on how to find love.

  8. Stop listening to Psychics & clairvoyants ITS ALL RUBBISH.
    There are two problems with listening to these people
    1. You think, ‘Oh I’m going to meet someone this year; I don’t have to try.’ Then you just stand around waiting for a relationship to just happen. Then at the end of the year your left thinking, ‘Where was my relationship?’
    2. You think ‘Oh I’m going to meet someone this year.’ and then just jump into the first thing that comes along, even though you wouldn’t have given that someone a second thought before. Then you end up suffering a year long shitty relationship because you thought, ‘This is supposed to be that relationship I’m supposed to be having.’
    Psychics & clairvoyant success is based on the ‘Stopped Clock’ theory, which goes ‘Even a stopped clock can get the time right twice a day.’
    Stop listening to Psychics & clairvoyants.

  9. I Please don’t stress out over this. I didn’t meet my wife until I was 35 and she was 37. We were engaged within 9 months of meeting and have been happily married for three years and have a 2 year old girl. Both of us decided years ago that we would not just settle for anyone even if we had to wait until we were 50. Just live your life and have fun. When it happens it happens. Don’t settle.
    As far as psychics go, please don’t waste your time and money. They are frauds. They will tell you exactly what you want to hear. Every psychic will tell you that your true love is coming soon.
    Psychics use a technique called cold reading where they “go fishing” and ask you questions to get you to volunteer Information and then make guesses until you respond positively. You forget the misses and remember the hits. Don’t be fooled.
    Good luck and best wishes.

  10. I am psychic. You are not “meant to be” single forever. It will take between 3 to five years for you to be fully involved in a relationship, depending on whether you move or not. If you decide to move, it will take the latter, but the relationship will be of a higher quality and you will become more of a higher evolved person by making the move..

  11. Even in church it is very difficult for many of us good men trying to meet a good woman to have a relationship with since most of them are very unfriendly just when we will say good morning or hello to them. Most of us single men unfortunately just can’t win.


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