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Psychics R/F YuGiOh…?

ok for some reason there is a top heavy amount of traps here anyways:
2x psychic emperor
1x master Gig
2x reinforced human psychic borg
2x telekinetic shocker
1x pandaborg
1x genetic woman (retun from psychic borg psychic trigger psychic life trancer etc. i use to recycle krebons.)
2x psychic snail
3x doctor cranium
2x mind protector
3x krebons
2x psychic commander
2x psychci jumper
1x telekinetic power well
1x fissure
1x giant trunade
2x psychokinesis
2x telekinetic charging cell
1x teleport
1x mind over matter
1x mirror force
3x telekinetic power
1x psychic trigger
1x psychic tuning
2x psychic overload
i do have syncros i just cant be fucked adding them


  1. Replace fissure for smashing ground.
    Remove 1 psychic overload and add some psychic rejuvenations.
    Once you’ve got synchros add a Metaphysical Regeneration.
    You may mind yourself drawing too many cards that you need to tribute for if you remove a Psychic Emperor you could replace it with Armored Axon Kicker, it is great for synchros.
    Psychic sword is good especially for all the psychokenesiss.
    I think you have too many tuners for a deck without synchros so for now remove the psychic commanders and add 2 more pandaborgs and when you do get synchros add an emergency teleport.


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