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[PSYCHICS PLEASE] I am trying rewaken my psychic abilities. But Scared to meditate. How do I overcome this?

When I was a kid I have been told that it is an abomination by God to practice scorcery, medium, and sooth sayer. But I knew I had a gift since I was a child. Experiencing spirits, premonitions, and sleep paralysis. Not to mention I am usually the person of choice close ones come to talk to when they need advice if they want to hear the truth. I don’t know how to use this gift and I know I need to protect myself but how do I? I am scared to go deep into my mind to meditate, and because of sleep paralysis I don’t like to sleep in the dark. Can anyone offer some advice to me?


  1. Me too. I have the gift too and I am also a Christian. Don’t be scared to mediate. I think god gives our guft to people he can trust with it.

  2. A lot of people experience premonitions, and everyone, no matter what, experiences temporary paralysis of the limbs when they sleep.
    Doesn’t make you psychic.

  3. concentrate your thoughts in the center of your forehead until you see a small circle of bright light, then concentrate harder until the light grows and fills your mind, some times it will pulse brighter, just let sleep come,but keep the thought of your paralysis leaving you, if this thought is strong enough it will leave you. Good luck

  4. Hello Koko
    Firstly you do not have a gift you have a natural psychic ability that arises from being a spiritual being.
    When we are told anything as a child it is naturally absorbed by the subconscious & becomes fact for us, what ever it is. These beliefs can be challenged & changed.
    Meditation need not be deep, prayer can be seen as meditation. Meditation is a focus on an object of any kind. So you can start with physical relaxation as a meditation, or simply listening to your breath for 3 – 5 mins to build confidence. As that is all that you need.

  5. Meditation is going beyond your mind.there is a lot to learn on the self and the source.
    When the source emerges,meditation happens.
    you cannot meditate.because you are the hindrance.
    please read in paralogic.ch


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