Psychics, Mediums or clairvoyants. . .Will my boyfriend repay the money he stole from me?

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Last Night $100 mysteriously disappeared from my purse. I know my boyfriend stole it. I haven’t heard from him since yesterday. I want to break up with him because that’s the best decision. Should I act like nothing happened ? Or should I confront him? Or should I just ask if he stole it ? And will I hear from him soon ?
My Birthday is March 26,1982

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Do not accuse or confront him as he is more than likely going to vigorously deny the charge and /or then spin the situation in way that makes you look like the stupid guilty one for not trusting him. Suffer the $100.00 hit on your finances now and be done with it and him. Get out while you can, but be careful how you approach breaking things off with him and steer clear of doing anything two days before and after the December 12 full moon. good luck.


He is probably a sagittarius the way he is acting.
He is bad news. Of course he stole it and he does not have the balls to say to you, Im sorry but I am really very strapped for cash and I only BORROWED IT.
He is treating you badly, like you were his mother or dad who he is also probably TAKING ADVANTAGE OF.
Keep your eye on your belongings from now on. Hide anything that is valuable. He is a thief.
Ditch him Start your life all over again and erase him completely from your mind.
FInd examples of money lending to use to try to get your money back but if he denies it, just leave it to heaven and say something about that money being his christmas present and 2009 birthday present and breaking apart present.
The only reason why I think he did this to you is he might have been thinking you “OWE” him some money.
example- he took you on many expensive dates where you ate/ordered and consumed expensive food or drinks. Yes he is a cheapskate.
Like I said, he is bad news.


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