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Psychics- do you believe that people can truly see auras?

I have ADD and perhaps I have an overactive imagination, but sometimes I see swirls of auras around people. They usually are very faint, but I’m pretty sure I’m not crazy…I’m not sure if I believe one hundred percent about spiritual things, but I like to think that some of the beliefs are true. Also, I have had dreams that have happened once or twice, but I’m pretty sure this was a fluke. Any ideas?
Thanks for all of your comments! It’s nice that you all have open minds. For once, I see some benefits from the anonyminity of the web ­čśŤ I don’t think I’d ever have the nerve to say otherwise


  1. I get weird feelings to, like I dream things, then they happen the exact same way, Your different, You see auras, Everyone is different, You can think it is your imagination or you can think that we all have a little special power in us, Life works in mysterious ways.

  2. Al Jinn are clear and so are Al Malaika for those who can see and allowed to see.
    Al Jinn live 1000 years they are studing you, when will you finally begin to study them?

  3. I read a book once where a man said he pulled up next to a car and happen to glance over at the driver next to him and saw their aura. He was very stunned to see this. ­čÖé
    I haven’t heard very many stories about it, probably because there are so many people who like to ridicule others no doubt, that is why a lot of people keep things to themselves sadly.
    They have books on the subject I’m sure….

  4. If we are asked to believe in supreme beings, holy ghosts, souls and angels, then all manner of paranormal experiences including but not limited to doppelgangers, spooks, and spirits be they good or evil. Anything is possible, don’t fret it.

  5. Yes people can see them I can see them. At first i wondered if it was in my mind so i did i test . I taught my 6 year old dauther how to see them with out telling her what it was she would see. The result the child quickly learned to see auras, she discribed it as peoples colors or as the color bubble and explains that people have several differnt colors and that they change with peoples mood sometimes she also reports the the same colors i see around people with out knowing what im seeing. So my only explination on this is that it is not in your head,


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